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PHP is the best scripting language out there and it's the widely used language for the Web.

In this tutorial you will learn how to use PHP and MySQL as the database backend.

In the first chapter of this tutorial I will teach you the basic of PHP, the syntax and how you can access and manipulate SQL Databases.

You will also learn some advance technique on using PHP later on this book. This book will serve as a guide as you study PHP.

Feel free to contact me if you have suggestion for this tutorial.


Do you have VPN Website Script? Like those VPN's in the market. And also Android and PC Applications.


I need widlife sanctuary management system pls mail to [email protected]

any one let me know how to run source code application.

I have filled up the signup/registration form three times but the captcha question did not appear so I left it out blank which is the reason for the returned error message. Could you please see if there's something wrong with the registration form.

Thanks for sharing the tutorial and is very useful for my PHP Training

I'm real interesting on all topics of php.


I need sample full E-Learning PHP project

am looking forward to learn a lot


Good day to you all, Please I am in need of an E-drivers Licence source code. any one please help me.

I want work project based on php for the tittle I entitled above.

plz help me to create login page for student database record.

Hello, just to know how to make a desk help for customers, thanks


I wanted to add sms api to send sms. help me to understand how to do that.



plzz send thesouce code for d above project

Hello,.. Please help me in getting user (customer) location in php.
i am using get_user_meta() but its not working... i dont want it by get_post_meta(). thanku

pls i need this project write-up starting from abstract to chapter five or to chapter seven. if anyone have pls u can forward it to my email. [email protected]

student attendance management system. and the user will be able to take an attendance class wise..and also faculty attendance if u anyone has such a system plz forward me at

[email protected]

student attendance management system. and the user will be able to take an attendance class wise.. if u anyone has such a system plz forward me at [email protected]

my email is as follows [email protected] i really need to know more php n my sql

i want to learn php to making the online shopping project pls help me

im now in process to make library management system and book borrowing system so i need help on how to make them using php and sql.i have the codes but i dont know how should i edit the codes into the code editor and connect with me!><

sir please help me how to genarate pie chart

sir...can help to create new password in my web page..for example when staff already reigister in system and the satff want to change the password...when staff change the password...the old password already change and update in database automatically...please teach me...or give me some source code or maybe coding...
my email : [email protected]

how to make a sms sir ...cause its confusing me..

can you help me with php database for booking a room and block a room until the end date and time stated in a previous booking

could you help me for making my online news project

plz. help me sir i confuse to new member joined in online and we make new community. sir help me which type of coding use in this condition.
e_mail:[email protected]

Dear sir/mam please help me. I want php source code for Human Resources Management Database system

e-mail:- [email protected]

i want to get tutorials from you on how to create a dynamic church database in php. thanks

Can i get Online sales inventry system in php?

hello,good to make a banner rotator?

sir / mam
can you help me and teach me how to create a "Read More.." link in PHP.. I've been looking for a tutorial about it and i can't find anything about it.. hope you can help me..

Where's the download link of the tutorial? Thanks.

please send me the commenting code in php and mysql

who know how to convert a pdf to docx file using php programming language??

can you help me how the codes in connecting banking online payment method?

can you gave me a sample upload codes and download for a pdf files... thank you so much..


I really need help about COOP loan Processing System..using php and mysql..I owe a lot if u can help me.

send me the codes in email [email protected]

send me for student entry forum in php immediately with add and delete operation
my id [email protected]

can u help me on my system "online alumni tracer".pls

to the one who made this site, i salute you beacause you really help us to enhance our programming skills.. it will really help me, i already forgot to programme because i hate it, but when i see this site it helps me to like doing programme, i wish that i see this site when i am still studying, my BS information Technology.
i use some source code here for my further reference and it really helps me... thanx a lot.... i hope that you can still help me in doing programme..

pa-help naman po,. php codes for online newspaper...please

I really really want to learn php pls. Sr. Help ,

help nmn po for my friend project using php

I Want to learn how develop wab based data base using PHP and Mysql, Please help me. Thanks Men

i want to learn php and Mysql.
for my subject, PHP

i know you can do it.....


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