php tutorial

A Guide to Building Your Own Custom WordPress Plugin

In this tutorial, we will dive into the development of a Custom WordPress Plugin using the PHP language. The primary goal is to provide students and beginners, particularly those new to WordPress and PHP, with a reference to learning useful techniques to enhance their knowledge and programming capabilities. I'll be offering sample snippets and a sample WordPress plugin source code that demonstrates our main goal in this tutorial.

Convert MySQL Table Data to XML Using PHP: A Step-by-Step Guide to Export Database Records

This tutorial will guide you through the systematic procedure of Exporting MySQL Database Table Records to a XML File using the PHP language. Geared towards students and PHP beginners, this guide serves as a valuable reference, offering insights to bolster their understanding and programming skills. I will present a straightforward web application that illustrates the primary objective outlined in this article.

Zip and Unzip Files in PHP Tutorial

Embark on a journey with us as we explore the methods of File Compression and Extraction (Zip/Unzip) in the PHP programming language. This tutorial is primarily created for students and new PHP programmers and serves as a valuable reference to elevate your understanding and skills. Along the way, you'll find illustrative sample snippets showcasing the compression and extraction of files (Zip/UnZip) using PHP.

Transforming XML Data into a PHP Array: Unleash the Power of XML Parsing in PHP!

In this tutorial, we will uncover the optimal methods for Converting XML Data into a PHP Array. Geared towards students and PHP beginners, this tutorial serves as a valuable resource to elevate your programming skills. Sample PHP snippets will be shared to offer a deeper understanding of the effective use of PHP functions and methods outlined in this tutorial.

Creating an Image from Text with PHP and GD Library

In this tutorial, we will tackle about Generating an Image from String or Text using PHP and GD Library. This tutorial aims to provide the students and new in PHP programming language with a reference for learning that focuses on manipulating images using the said library and programming language. Here, I will explain the usage of the useful functions that will be use in a sample web application script that consist of converting the provided text into an image.

How to Sanitize Request Data Values in PHP?

This tutorial focuses on Data Sanitization in PHP. It is designed to serve as a comprehensive guide with practical examples for students and beginners looking to learn essential techniques for safeguarding data in PHP projects or web applications. Here, you will gain valuable insights and access a sample website that includes a feature for sanitizing request data values when submitting form data.

How to Store Visitor Log in the Database using PHP and MySQL?

Within this tutorial, we will explore the development of a straightforward web application featuring a central focus on Site Visitor Logs. This article's primary objective is to serve as a valuable resource for PHP programming newcomers and students, offering insights into the implementation of common features to enrich their proficiency and understanding of the PHP programming language. Here, you will find the complete source code for a basic web application that includes a functionality for tracking site visitor activity.

Implementing Routes in PHP for MVC Frameworks Tutorial

In this tutorial, we will explore the creation of a straightforward PHP Routing System for a PHP project that utilizes an MVC (Model, View, and Controller) framework. Throughout this tutorial, I will help you grasp the concept of routing within a PHP project and provide PHP Scripts to create a basic web application with routing functionality.

How to Detect Mobile Device and Redirect to Mobile site using Laravel and .htaccess

Using Laravel .htaccess to Detect Mobile Devices and Redirect to Mobile Site This post provides information on how to use Laravel .htaccess to detect mobile devices and redirect users to the mobile version of a website. It includes details on the implementation and offers a demo if necessary. What is the .htaccess file? The .htaccess file, which stands for hypertext access file, is a configuration