Andy's Oracle utilities v25


(01) add a foreign key constraint on the fly, referencing an in-use parent table

(02) display the printable and space ASCII characters and their codes

(03) bump up sequences

(04) display calendar for input year

(05) check the free space in your database

(06) DBMS_JOB job scheduler - 18 INTERVAL examples

(07) delete duplicates in a table with one SQL statement

(08) describe all tables and views

(09) PL/SQL does_row_exist function

(10) find data on all indexes

(11) find all column check constraints

(12) find all foreign key columns that don't have an index

(13) PL/SQL find_next_date_for_day function

(14) find all tables that don't have a primary key

(15) four PL/SQL leap year check functions

(16) freeze your PL/SQL's execution until a condition has been met

(17) get PL/SQL function source code

(18) get PL/SQL package source code

(19) get PL/SQL procedure source code

(20) get PL/SQL trigger source code (and more)

(21) insert the apostrophe, aka the "single quote"

(22) kill a user session

(23) kill all user sessions

(24) lock or unlock all users with an ALTER SYSTEM keyin

(25) make a list of all PL/SQL stored programs

(26) make four files of all PL/SQL function, package, procedure, and trigger source code

(27) PL/SQL number_to_words function

(28) display calendar for prior month, current month, and next month

(29) see active user sessions and their SQL (output is pictured)

(30) see PL/SQL that is currently running

(31) see user DML/table and transaction locks

(32) sequence usage checker

(33) six PL/SQL numbering system converter functions

(34) some specialized SELECT statements

(35) split a string into array elements

(36) display your PC's SQL*Plus session info (and more)

(37) PL/SQL package of 44 character and string functions and procedures

(38) suppress trigger action for a particular user

(39) ten SQL and PL/SQL developer tips

(40) translate ORA error code

(41) update a table with itself with one SQL statement

(42) ensure that your PL/SQL only executes on a certain server

(43) virtual flip-a-coin, virtual Magic 8-Ball, and a number guessing game

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