Andy's Oracle utilities


(01) display the printable and space ASCII characters and their codes

(02) bump up sequences

(03) display a calendar with this PL/SQL procedure

(04) check the free space in your database

(05) DBMS_JOB job scheduler - 18 INTERVAL examples

(06) delete duplicates in a table with one SQL statement

(07) describe all tables and views

(08) PL/SQL does_row_exist function

(09) find all column check constraints

(10) find all foreign key columns and what they reference

(11) find all indexes

(12) find all tables that don't have a primary key

(13) find all privileges and roles granted to a user or role

(14) find all table constraints

(15) four PL/SQL leap year check functions

(16) freeze your PL/SQL's execution until a condition has been met

(17) get PL/SQL stored program source code

(18) insert the apostrophe, aka the "single quote"

(19) kill a user session

(20) kill all user sessions

(21) PL/SQL last_full_weekend function

(22) lock or unlock all users with an ALTER SYSTEM keyin

(23) make a list of all PL/SQL stored programs

(24) make files of all PL/SQL stored program source code

(25) PL/SQL next_date_for_day function

(26) PL/SQL number_to_words function

(27) display calendar for prior month, current month, and next month

(28) see active user sessions and their SQL (output is pictured)

(29) see PL/SQL that is currently running

(30) see user DML/table and transaction locks

(31) sequence usage checker

(32) six PL/SQL numbering system converter functions

(33) split a string into array elements

(34) display your PC's SQL*Plus session info (and more)

(35) PL/SQL package of 42 character and string functions and procedures

(36) suppress trigger action for a particular user

(37) ten SQL and PL/SQL developer tips

(38) translate ORA error code

(39) update a table with itself with one SQL statement

(40) find all objects and columns with <string> in their name

(41) find all PL/SQL stored programs with text like <string>

(42) PL/SQL validate_date function

(43) ensure that your PL/SQL only executes on a certain server

(44) virtual flip-a-coin and a few other amusements

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