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C# is part of Visual Studio that leverage the .NET Framework developed by Microsoft. C# is said to be similar with other popular languages like C/C++ and Java.
C# (pronounced “see-sharp”) can develop Windows and Web based project just like Visual Basic. It is an object-oriented programming language.
Using its powerful editor developed by Microsoft called “Visual C#” that is part of Visual Studio package; you can develop application in short period of time.

  • functional
  • procedural
  • generic
  • strong typing
  • declarative
  • imperative
  • object-oriented (class-based)
  • and component-oriented programming

If you are familiar with C/C++ and Java, there is no reason why you cannot program with C#. Even if you’re new to this language, the following tutorial will guide you learn C#.


i did not understand . because i'm a begginner for programming ..

Hai, I'm a final year U.G computer science student.
I need to do a project for my academic,but I had no basic ideas about project. I'm well knowledged in vb.net.
I need a clear information and the needed things we need to perform for the development of project.

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