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C# is part of Visual Studio that leverage the .NET Framework developed by Microsoft. C# is said to be similar with other popular languages like C/C++ and Java.
C# (pronounced “see-sharp”) can develop Windows and Web based project just like Visual Basic. It is an object-oriented programming language.
Using its powerful editor developed by Microsoft called “Visual C#” that is part of Visual Studio package; you can develop application in short period of time.

  • functional
  • procedural
  • generic
  • strong typing
  • declarative
  • imperative
  • object-oriented (class-based)
  • and component-oriented programming

If you are familiar with C/C++ and Java, there is no reason why you cannot program with C#. Even if you’re new to this language, the following tutorial will guide you learn C#.


i did not understand . because i'm a begginner for programming ..

Build a clone of the popular math puzzle game 2048 from scratch using C# and Unity3D

First, we will assemble the visual layout that the players will see on the screen using Unity built-in user interface features (UI).

We will start from creating an empty Unity project and gradually move towards laying out all the UI properly.

You will learn useful tips and tricks of designing the UI so that it looks the same on different screen sizes and screen resolutions.

Then we will switch to writing scripts for the 2048 game

Get full tutorial here just search unanth technologies pvt ltd in google to get the website

Hai, I'm a final year U.G computer science student.
I need to do a project for my academic,but I had no basic ideas about project. I'm well knowledged in vb.net.
I need a clear information and the needed things we need to perform for the development of project.

How to generate I card for students through a web application in c#.
I want to learn about that

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