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PHP Tutorial

PayPal Express Client-Side Checkout in PHP

This tutorial tackles on how to integrate Paypal Express Checkout using Client-Side API. Most E-commerce sites' payment method is with the use of credit card but if you want to integrate another payment method which is using Paypal, this tutorial will surely help you out. Paypal, as per the site description, is the faster, safer way to send money, make an online payment, receive money or set up a merchant account.

Simple Student Membership System with Captcha Code Tutorial Source Code

Student Membership System

This simple Student Membership System helps the admin to register all the students to have a record of data in their school campus. This simple system has a registration form for the user and we have captcha code confirmation. For the faster transaction to register all the students, you can also network the system to have multiple students registering in a short period of time. This Student Membership System is user-friendly.

How to Create a Bar Graph using PHP/MySQLi and ChartJS

In this tutorial, I will teach you how to create a Bar Graph using PHP/MySQLi. Bar graphs are used to compare products and track the changes in product sales over time. It is determined by the category of data that can be viewed in rectangular bars with heights equivalent to the values presented. You can also check my previous tutorial which is How to Create a Pie Graph. Let’s Begin.

How to Import Excel/CSV file to MySQL Database using PHP

In this tutorial im going to show you how to create n application that can be used to Import CSV/Excel file using PHP. We will create a simple PHP web application that has a form for our import feature and table to display our imported data to the database.

*Upgrade Info

The tutorial source code was originally written in PHP MySQL and I have updated it into PHP MySQLi.

How to Save and Load Data from Database Without refreshing the page using PHP and Ajax

Hi everyone, The feature of this tutorial is it allows you to save data to the database and display data from the database without refreshing the page. I used Ajax and PHP in this tutorial. Our goal for this tutorial is to create a simple web application that has a simple form that will result an automatic load the data after the success response of saving the data. To start the coding let's follow the steps provided below.

Creating a Pop-up Notification using PHP, AJAX, and Bootstrap

This tutorial will show you how to create a simple pop-up notification using AJAX/JQuery. In this tutorial, I've set up the notification to appear at the bottom but you can change its position depending on your preference. Also, I've used bootstrap to slightly improve the visuals. We will use Ajax to sent the data of our form upon submission to process with the back-end scripts without leaving or the page.

Note: Scripts and CSS used in this tutorial are hosted.

Creating our Database

The first and most important step in to create our database.