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PHP Tutorial

Resizing the Uploaded Image in PHP using GD extension Tutorial

In this tutorial, you will learn how to resize the image file before saving it into a directory using PHP and GD Library. This process is really useful when you are developing a web application using PHP Language which has some features that include uploading Image files such as system users avatar, image/gallery thumbnails, and etc.

PHP GD extension/library offers Graphics Drawing toos to manage image data such as cropping, compressing, filtering, and etc.

PHP CRUD without Refresh/Reload using Ajax and DataTables Tutorial

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create or develop a PHP CRUD Operations w/o Pagre Refresh/Reloading using Ajax and DataTables. Here, we will enlist the data from the database using the server-side processing of DataTables. This tutorial is helpful especially for optimizing the page load of your future PHP Project.

Replacing Plain Text Links to HTML Anchor Tag in PHP Tutorial

In this tutorial, we will tackle about Replacing the Plain Text Links of a content with an Anchor Tag of HTML using PHP. We will be using the PHP's preg_replace() function. For those who dont have any idea about the preg_replace, this function replace all the occurence of a string that matches the given pattern to your desired format or replacement string.

Submitting POST Data Without Refreshing/Reloading the Page In PHP and SQLite3 Tutorial

Learn on how to create a Submit POST Without Page Refresh In SQLite3 using PHP. An advanced PHP coding technique that can store the data inputs without page refresh in SQLite with the use of jQuery ajax. This is helpful when you want to store your data without refreshing the page info.