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PHP Tutorial

Search Box with Auto Suggest Links Items Tutorial using PHP and jQuery

This is a simple tutorial that tackles about creating a Search Box with AutoSuggest Links Items. This tutorial uses HTM, PHP, MySQL Database, JavaScript, jQuery, and Ajax. The tutorial code will help you to understand and to have an idea or knowledge of how to create the said web application feature for your future project. This kind of feature is commonly used when adding a search feature that matches the keywords on multiple database tables and columns.

Managing Page Content using PHP and Summernote Text Editor Tutorial

This is simple Tutorial Code that tackles about Managing Page Content on a Web Application. This tutorial will help you to understand and have an idea of how to create a Page Content Management Feature for a CMS Website. This kind of feature can give your end-users a way to create or manage page content through the front-end or without managing the actual source code files. This can be useful for those who are planning to develop a Content Management System (CMS) using PHP Language.

Creating a Simple Comment Section using PHP and SQLite Tutorial

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a Simple Comment Section in your Web Application Projects using PHP and SQLite Database. Comment Section is one of the most common feature in a web application such as Blog Sites. This application feature allows users to leave a comment, ask questions, or feedback for a certain post/content. This kind of web application feature also allows other users to reply-to-comment which means other users can leave a comment under a specific comment too.

How To Create Live Data Monitoring Page in PHP using jQuery and Ajax Tutorial

In this tutorial, we will tackle about How to Create a Live Monitoring Page in PHP and JavaScript (jQuery and Ajax). A page which automaticaly updates the data without reloading or refreshing the page. This web application feature can be meet by several methods or techniques but in this tutorial I will be using JavaScript's setInterval() function to execute a certain function for a certain time interval.

Handling Dynamic Data Fields using Database Vertical Table Design in PHP Tutorial

In this tutorial, we will tackle Handing Dynamic Data Fileds using Database Vertical Table Design. This idea is very useful for such web applications that handling multiple data. This will prevent multiple columns in your database table. Also, this will help you to store new data fields without making changes in your database table structure.

Creating An Audit Trail/Logs in a Web App using PHP/OOP and Ajax Tutorial

In this tutorial, we will tackle about how to create an Audit Trail/Audit Log feature in a web application using PHP/OOP and jQuery Ajax. This feature is useful and a common feature for software or web applications. This is usually included in the project for an application that can be managed by multiple users. With this feature in your PHP Project, you can easily track or monitor the changes or actions made by the user.

Creating an Image Slideshow Using PHP and Simple jQuery Tutorial

Hi everyone! This tutorial is about on how to create an images slideshow using PHP and Simple jQuery. This program requires only a few lines of code. The source code file contains only a simple CSS, Images Container/HTML, jQuery Scripts, and PHP script for listing all the images from a directory. The script is easy to understand.

Now, we will be creating a simple web application and our main goal is to display the slideshow in an HTML container and each slide will be shown at every specific time using the fade-in animation. To this, follow the steps below.

Resizing the Uploaded Image in PHP using GD extension Tutorial

In this tutorial, you will learn how to resize the image file before saving it into a directory using PHP and GD Library. This process is really useful when you are developing a web application using PHP Language which has some features that include uploading Image files such as system users avatar, image/gallery thumbnails, and etc.

PHP GD extension/library offers Graphics Drawing toos to manage image data such as cropping, compressing, filtering, and etc.