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HTML/CSS Tutorial

How to Embed Google Maps to your Website

Embedding a Google Maps onto a website may look difficult to achieve well, I’m going to teach you the simplest way on how to do it and even a beginner can easily do it. In this tutorial you will learn how to embed Google maps onto your website. This is ideal if you have an online business with a website, in this way it will be easier for your customers to locate you. All you have to do is follow

Building HTML5 Multiplayer Game with Node.js

In a previous tutorial, I showed how to build a Socket.IO chat and connect few people around the globe with the magic of WebSockets. In this article I want to make this project a little bit more fun and turn it into a multiplayer game: "rock, paper, scissors". So let's grab the previous code and introduce few modifications. Firstly, on a client side, we'll add 3 buttons: for rock, paper and

Introducing to Swing GUI Forms with Netbeans - Create new MDI Application Sample Form

Hi everyone, In this tutorial, I explain to you on how to work with GUI Forms Java Desktop and configure Menu Bar and events that we can show a new windows and applets. We will work with Netbeans and create a sample MDI Application Form STEP 1. We will create our project. File-> New Project. Select Java in Categories List and Java Applications in Projects List. STEP 2. Select new MDI Application

Vertical Text Align in Bootstrap Template

In this tutorial, we are going to create on how to display Vertical Text Align in Bootstrap Template. We are going to use the CSS for displaying text in the vertical alignment. We are going to add a simple background to see the text in the vertical arrange of the web page. We have to construct simple markup for the text to be aligned in the vertical alignment in the background that we have in the

Different Kinds of User Input in HTML/HTML5 using Bootstrap Templates

User Input in HTML/HTML5 using Bootstrap Templates Using HTML/HTML5 you can enabled to create new input elements for the HTML Forms. In this tutorial, we are going to learn HTML forms used to select different kinds of user input and pass this information to a server. They are Color, Date, DateTime, Time, Month, Week, Email, Number, Range, Search, Tel and URL. . A form can also contain select lists

How to Create a Toggle Switch using CSS

In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to create a Toggle Switch using CSS. We are going to use pure CSS to create a simple toggle switch button to your web page. We have a simple checkbox to filter any data, for the replacing of the checkbox, we are going to upgrade from checkbox GUI to toggle switch button GUI. It will add a neat and clean for the user if they are going to use the toggle

How to Build Video Player with Custom Controls

If you are looking for a simple Video Player with Custom Controls then you are at the right place. We are going to create simple video player to embed video into the webpage. We can easily to implement the video player in the web page using the HTML5. All we need is the element in HTML5, we don’t need to used any jQuery plugin or flash to create a video player in the web page. You can also check