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Event CRUD in FullCalendar using PHP and jQuery Tutorial

In this tutorial, I will show how to Create CRUD Operation in FullCalendar with PHP and MySQL Database. here, you will learn to add, edit, view, and delete events on the calendar. The events will be stored in MySQL Database. This feature can be useful for your future PHP Projects such as Appointment Management Systems or Scheduling Systems.

Exporting MySQL Data into a CSV File in PHP Tutorial

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a Export MySQL Data to CSV File. With the use of some built-in PHP Functions such as PHP fopen() and fputcsv() we can create a CSV file with data. This tutorial can be useful for your future projects that requires a CSV Exportation Functionality.

Here, we will create a simple PHP application with dummy MySQL data and has an anchor/button that triggers to export the data to CSV File.

List Pagination using PHP, jQuery, and Ajax Tutorial

In this tutorial, you will learn how to add a Pagination Feature in your HTML List loaded from the Database. Here, you can achieve the said feature in your project with the use of jQuery library and Ajax Request. This feature is very helpful to optimize the load duration of your website in terms of loading a page with a bulk list data.

PHP CRUD with Live Input Data Duplicate Validation Tutorial

In this tutorial, we will tackle about creating a Simple Web Application with CRUD Operation and preventing duplication input value. We will be using PHP Language as the back-end and MySQL Database. The Duplication Validation that we'll be creating, is a real-time or live function using jQuery, and by using Ajax Request, data validation will be automatically triggers without leaving the page or submitting the form yet.

Web Text-to-Speech Tutorial using Web Speech API Synthesis

This is a simple tutorial that will teach how to convert Text into Speech in web applications. In order to do this, we are going to use the Web Speech API Interface Speech Synthesis. The Web Speech API will allow you to convert the text into incorporate voice data into web projects.

In this tutorial, I will be providing a simple web application that allows users to write a text message and converts it into speech. The application will re-display the text message below the form. Each word spoken will be highlighted.

Dynamically Map an Area of an Image using JavaScript/jQuery Tutorial

In this tutorial, you will learn how to Dynamically Map an Area of an Image using JavaScript/jQuery. This will help you to understand also on how to put a detection link on a specific part or area of the image. With the use of HTML Canvas, we can dynamically locate the specific position and size of the area we want to detect on the image.

Search Box with Auto Suggest Links Items Tutorial using PHP and jQuery

This is a simple tutorial that tackles about creating a Search Box with AutoSuggest Links Items. This tutorial uses HTM, PHP, MySQL Database, JavaScript, jQuery, and Ajax. The tutorial code will help you to understand and to have an idea or knowledge of how to create the said web application feature for your future project. This kind of feature is commonly used when adding a search feature that matches the keywords on multiple database tables and columns.

Managing Page Content using PHP and Summernote Text Editor Tutorial

This is simple Tutorial Code that tackles about Managing Page Content on a Web Application. This tutorial will help you to understand and have an idea of how to create a Page Content Management Feature for a CMS Website. This kind of feature can give your end-users a way to create or manage page content through the front-end or without managing the actual source code files. This can be useful for those who are planning to develop a Content Management System (CMS) using PHP Language.