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CodeIgniter 4 Pagination Tutorial


In this tutorial, you will learn how to Use the Pagination Library of CodeIgniter 4. Here, i will be providing instructions and source code for creatiing a simple web application in PHP using CodeIgniter 4 Framework which loads and a multiple data and has a pagination feature. This feature is commonly used in developing a web application for optimizing the page load. This will split your large datasets into pages which helps to improve your application page load.

Export MySQL Data to CSV and Download It as a ZIP File in PHP Tutorial


In this tutorial, you will learn How to Export MySQL Data into CSV and Download it as a Zip File using PHP Language. Here, I will show to the steps on how to achieve the said feature for your current or future PHP Projects. The main goal of this tutorial is to give the IT Students or new programmers that are new in PHP Language an idea for exporting data to CSV and zipping files in PHP.

JavaScript Printing an Element Tutorial

In this tutorial, you will learn a simple way to print the specific element in your web applications page using JavaScript and jQuery. This technique is useful for your future project for printing reports that have already a display. With this, it helps you to prevent redundant coding just for creating a page for printing. Using this printing technique developer can also modify or customize the element before printing and without changing the original display.

PHP CodeIgniter 4 - CRUD Application Tutorial

In this tutorial, we will tackle about creating a CRUD (Create, Read, Edit, and Delete) Operation in PHP CodeIgniter 4. CRUD Operations is one the most common function or feature of the web applications that contains a dynamic data. Here, you will learn how to retrieve, store, update, and delete data into the Database using the PHP CodeIgniter Framework. I will be providing a simple web application source code below that contains a CRUD Opertaion.

Manage Data in Window.LocalStorage Tutorial

In this tutorial, we will tackle about Managing Data using window.localStorage() in JavaScript. Here, I will be providing a simple application source code that contains a CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) operations.

What is localStorage in JavaSctipt?

The localStorage is a property of the window that allows you to store data. It has no expiration. Save key-value data in your web browser.

Custom Confirmation Modal in JavaScript Tutorial

This tutorial tackles about Creating a Custom Confirmation Modal in JavaScript. This is a dynamic confirmation message which allows your user to confirm first before executing the JS function. This can be used for some action or feature in your current or future web application projects such as delete operations. The confirmation feature before executing an action in a web application can help your user to prevent unintentional execution of the action.

Optimizing the Uploaded Image in PHP Tutorial

In this tutorial, I will show you a way how to upload images in PHP with reduced quality and resized resolution. This kind of feature might be helpful to your current or future project that uploads and displays lots of images. It will help your project load the pages faster even there are a lot of images are being shown because instead of displaying the original size and quality of the images is optimized. For example, you are developing a Blog Site and each blog or article has a thumbnail or banner image.