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Android Corona Virus Tracker App for India using B4A

Project: Android Corona Virus Tracker for India using B4A with Source Code About the Application This Covid-19 Tracker Application is made in B4A with the knowledge on how to use API and JSON. This app provides the extension of the world data and India corona virus cases. App Features • Total Cases Worldwide • Active Cases • Critical Cases • Total Recovered • Total Deaths • New Cases Today • New

Celebrity Quiz Application in Android Studio

Project: Celebrity Quiz Application in Android Studio | Free Source Code Download About this App: An Android Celebrity Quiz App that allows a user to select a correct answer to each question (any question can be skipped), given a hint by an image. Build in Android Studio 4.5.3, Minimum SDK Version 28 Libraries Used are: OkHttp: for sending and receive HTTP-based network requests, Gson: convert

Android Chatbots

This is a sample of Android Chatbot that you can use chats for embedding your app. What are chatbots? Bots are software programs designed to simulate conversations. You send them a query and they send back a specific response based on that query. They have been integrated into messaging programs such as Facebook Messenger and Telegram via the bots store to provide users with information and

Covid-19 Mobile Tracker App (Coronavirus Tracker 2020)

Since Google Playstore and IOS Appstore prohibited from putting an app with regards to coronavirus updates because of misinformation. Today, I was able to finish my creation with this Corona Tracker Mobile app that will keep us updated with the current cases of Covid-19 around the world and also to our beloved country. The app uses an API of the World Health Organization, so all of the Covid-19

Online Exam Android App with Admin Panel

Online Examination System --------------------------------------------------------- Description: In an online examination system examine student login and get dashboard in android application and also in web panel. When examine login to the server he/she get his/her profile already register. Examine can edit and update their profile. On the dashboard examine gets the multiple options like exams

Tower Defense 3D (Android)

The goal in this game is to protect your territory against the attacking enemies. Place defensive structures on or along their path of attack to prevent them reaching your base. Strategic choice and positioning of defensive elements is an essential strategy of the genre. For more mobile games and tutorials you can visit this site. Try our games that we uploaded on Playstore.