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Visual Basic .NET Source Code

Free Visual Basic .NET Source Code. Download 10 latest Visual Basic .NET system's projects with source code for free here.

Subject Evaluation System using Visual Studio 2019 (VB.NET/MySQL)

Subject Evaluation System project is developed using Visual Studio 2019 with VB.NET as the programming language and MySQL as the database used. The process of subject evaluation involves the Dean as the admin, Faculty, and the Student. The Dean is in charge to evaluate, credit subject, and offered a subject. The Dean is to be provided with the grades of the student and the subject to be taken. The

Calculate Sub Total in DataGridView Using Visual Basic .NET

Application Program using Visual studio 2010 and MS Access to calculate sub total in DataGridView. This application is an example on how to calculate the different subtotal numeric columns (sum, number and average) in a DataGridView linked to the Access database by choosing various columns (each time the column is changed) with a small touch-up of animation Label.

ListView demo

ListView demo. This is a simple example of listview. User can add, edit and delete records and use it later on. User can extend listview column, user can use it as option panel also. This example came with some code which user can extend and manage according to requirement.

OPISYS: Office Personal Information System

OPISYS - Office Personal Information SYStem program has VB.NET 2010 front end and MS Access 2007 is back end. It is to be used in a office personal usage & saving our daily activities, Library books, magazine due details, over time, leave and bill claim details. It has the following forms (see in screen shots); Office (daily) activities Library details Leave details Overtime details Bill claim

Clean Browsers Cashe

If you want an application that quickly and simply clears the cashe (junk files) from browsers. - Supported Chrome and Opera. Browsers become faster after clearing cashe. * Updated - Support Mozilla Firefox. - Support AppData Temp folder - Support RecycleBin - Support install it to the program files. - Support uninstall. - Choice Start with windows. - Choice close auto after cleaning. Watch video

Add, Edit, Update, Delete, Search, Login, Backup, in VB.NET with MS Access Database

This is the simple program written in VB.NET and MS Access 2010. Login using access database | Add, Update, Delete, User records along with picture. Search by Name, Father Name, Email, Batch, Session, Gender. e.t.c. You can change Database location and password without changing code which is stored in windows registry, Database backup option | Add new login users | 3 Tables for separate batches

Notepad Using Visual Basic .NET with Source Code

Notepad is a free text editor with free source code. It also has a text to speech feature that allow you to read the text. It can also insert different date format like day, week, month, etc. You can also convert it to word. By this product user can manage text document some common function include such as open, open as, Insert>Text Document, save, save as and more... Basically its demonstrate of

Simple Sync Files

I use the visual studio 2019 to finish my project. I use webclient to copy files. I think is more faster and i have more details when copying files. It is very simple to use this aplication. - Select the source folder - Select the destination folder - Select options sync, you have 3 options - Finally click the button 'Start Sync" If you want to see more details, press the button with down arrow. I

Advanced Pharmacy/Chemist POS and Invoicing System

Pharmacy POS /Chemist Management System advance allows User to sell medicine/product, Over the counter or at any Hospital or chemist, Easily Integrated with Email to SEND invoices and Print Receipt. FEATURES 1. Point of Sale (POS) and Invoicing 2. Transaction Management 3. Different methods of Payments 4. Email Integration 5. Transaction Reversal 6. Customer Balances 7. Purchase Management 8