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For the past six years, have been true to it's philosophy of helping fellow programmers in terms of sharing their most valuable codes to the growing community of developers without expecting monetary gains. was founded in 2006 by a single programmer - JP, who wanted to share his knowledge, as part of his philosophy to build a community of programmers who are willing to share their talents to uplift the developer's community.

After more than six years of existence, the site grew into one of the most trusted and reliable company who has an advocacy of sharing their valuable information without expecting monetary returns.

We at continues to inspire our fellow developers to share their knowledge and we will reap our rewards in the future. We have achieved quite a lot of success. Though, in process to keep on paying for our server and maintenance, we offer various advertisement options to interested advertisers.

The company relies mostly from volunteers who shared their knowledge to our site, although we have in-house developers and experienced programmers, we still need advertisement to keep our company running.

We at have been planning for a major development projects which will boosts our capacity as a technology company, therefore we need some help from our fellow programmers and technology enthusiast to share our passion of helping each other.

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