Hire Us to Do Your Work

Are you tired of looking at your buggy code and don’t know how to fix it? Do you want a website but don’t know how to start? May be we can help you on this. Previously I told all my visitors in this website that I am not accepting any programming job because I am kinda busy with my work, but now I am ready to help you on your programming problem. I have build a team on SourceCodester.com to answer your needs.

The following are my field of expertise:

  1. Programming
    1. Visual Basic 6.0/.NET
    2. C#
    3. Microsoft Access
    4. PHP
  2. Database Management System
    1. Microsoft Access
    2. Microsoft SQL Server
    3. MySQL
  3. Web Design
    1. Content Management System or CMS
      1. Wordpress
      2. Drupal
      3. Joomla
      4. Any CMS
    3. Photoshop

For database programming we are charging around $300 - $1000 depending on the complexity of the program.

For students who needs program or source code for thesis writing, we are charging around $200 - $400.

For building website I am charging around $150 - $350. The services I offer include buying a domain name up to running your website by setting up your web hosting (of course you have to pay the domain name and web hosting cost). I will also help you install any plugin or modules that you like. Suggested plugin or module will be installed with your permission.

For other programming languages I did not mentioned, you can still hire me since I have some friends who can help me on this.

I have already help a lot of people since I started this blog. All you need to do is contact me at the following link regarding your needs.


You can either use PayPal or Western Union to send your payment. If you’d like to negotiate for other forms of payment just send me an email at the Contact page.