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15 Best Python Game Project Ideas for Easy Learning

15 Best Python Game Project Ideas for Easy Learning

In this article, I will list the 15 Best Python Game Project Ideas with Source Code and Free to download. These projects that will be listed could help you enhance your programming capabilities and might inspire you to create or develop a new game that you can imagine.

List of Free PHP Projects with Thesis Documentation and Source Code

Download for free a list of PHP Projects with source code here. For several years, has compiled a lot of PHP projects coming from programmers from different countries who willingly share their source code so other programmer like you can benefit from it.

Previously we also compiled a list of free projects with source code to be used in your thesis projects. If you want to visit it, please click List of Thesis Title for IT Student 2020.

Rental House Management System: Thesis Documentation Chapter Eight



Therefore, this system will help the landlords to easily manage the rental houses and the tenants that occupy the. It will help them reduce paperwork and can easily connect and relate data. It will also help the managers to easily make follow up on tenants who are behind in paying rent without going through much paperwork.

Tenants too, can be able to easily locate vacant houses using this system and perform payment online all without being physically present in the areas where the vacant house situates.

Rental House Management System: Thesis Documentation Chapter Seven


This is the stage that will test the system to ensure that they are fault free and are made per the user requirements. In this chapter the customer validation methodologies that is, Alpha and Beta Testing will be taken into consideration.


This is the internal acceptance test and a pre-release activity in which the users or the market cannot access it. This is done in the testing environment that is, developer’s site. This testing is performed to prove if the system works.

Rental House Management System: Thesis Documentation Chapter Six


This is the stage in which the theoretical design of the system is turned into working system. This chapter outlines the user interface of the system.


This refers to the process of making interface in software or computerized devices with a focus on looks or style. This system has been implemented using the following technologies: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and JavaScript for frontend and PHP for backend. The system has a total of 45 PHP pages.

6.1.1.   INDEX PAGE.

Rental House Management System: Thesis Documentation Chapter Five


In this chapter, the system design will be demonstrated. It will focus on showing conceptual and physical design of the databases and the user interaction with the system using the Unified Modelling Language (UML) diagram called Use Case Diagram.