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List of Free PHP Projects with Thesis Documentation and Source Code

Download for free a list of PHP Projects with source code here. For several years, has compiled a lot of PHP projects coming from programmers from different countries who willingly share their source code so other programmer like you can benefit from it. Previously we also compiled a list of free projects with source code to be used in your thesis projects. If you want to visit

Example of Thesis Title Proposal For IT/CS Students

If you are looking for Example of Thesis Title Proposal For IT/CS then you are at the right place. For those IT/CS students who found difficulties to decide their thesis title that you're gonna create I post this to help you to decide. Below is the list of thesis title proposal. List of Thesis Proposals for IT/CS Motorcycle Tracking with GPS using Android Mobile Educational Application for

Rental House Management System: Thesis Documentation APPENDIX A

APPENDIX A. UNIVERSITY OF IRINGA. FACULTY OF SCIENCE AND EDUCATION. DEPARTMENT OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY. RENTAL HOUSE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. INTERVIEW QUESTIONS. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES INTERVIEW QUESTIONS. 1. To analyse the manual system for managing rental houses, outline its flaws and determine the significance of the digital system by the end of August. 1. What motivated you to venture into rental

Rental House Management System: Thesis Documentation Chapter Eight

CHAPTER 8: CONCLUSION 8.1. CONCLUSION Therefore, this system will help the landlords to easily manage the rental houses and the tenants that occupy the. It will help them reduce paperwork and can easily connect and relate data. It will also help the managers to easily make follow up on tenants who are behind in paying rent without going through much paperwork. Tenants too, can be able to easily

Rental House Management System: Thesis Documentation Chapter Seven

CHAPTER 7: SYSTEM TESTING This is the stage that will test the system to ensure that they are fault free and are made per the user requirements. In this chapter the customer validation methodologies that is, Alpha and Beta Testing will be taken into consideration. 7.1. ALPHA TESTING. This is the internal acceptance test and a pre-release activity in which the users or the market cannot access it

Rental House Management System: Thesis Documentation Chapter Six

CHAPTER 6: SYSTEM IMPLEMENTATION This is the stage in which the theoretical design of the system is turned into working system. This chapter outlines the user interface of the system. 6.1. USER INTERFACE. This refers to the process of making interface in software or computerized devices with a focus on looks or style. This system has been implemented using the following technologies: HTML, CSS

Rental House Management System: Thesis Documentation Chapter Five

CHAPTER 5: SYSTEM DESIGN In this chapter, the system design will be demonstrated. It will focus on showing conceptual and physical design of the databases and the user interaction with the system using the Unified Modelling Language (UML) diagram called Use Case Diagram. 5.1. CONCEPTUAL DATABASE DESIGN. Conceptual Design is the first stage of design in which the drawings are the dominant tools and

Rental House Management System: Thesis Documentation Chapter Four

CHAPTER 4: REQUIREMENT ANALYSIS This chapter includes functional, non-functional, user, hardware and software requirements for the Rental House Management System. This involves defining customer’s needs and objectives to determine requirements for the system functions. 4.1. CURRENT RENTAL HOUSE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. The current system of managing rental houses include: Paper based contracts and forms

Rental House Management System: Thesis Documentation Chapter Three

CHAPTER 3: METHODOLOGY In this chapter, the system methodology will be explained. It will focus on how to collect data and how they will be analyzed and implemented. 3.1. DATA COLLECTION TECHNIQUES It shows how data will be collected from the users of the system. The data collection techniques to be used include: 3.1.1. Interview This method will be used to collect information from landlords and

Rental House Management System: Thesis Documentation Chapter Two

CHAPTER 2: LITERATURE REVIEW Literature Review is a text that is written by a researcher to consider the critical point of current knowledge including the theoretical and methodological contributions and substantive findings of a particular topic. Literature review’s main goal is to put the current study within the body of literature and to provide context to the reader (Cooper, 1998). 2.1