About SourceCodester

Welcome to SourceCodester.com - The free source code

Hi, I’m Jomar the webmaster of SourceCodester.com. The main purpose of this website is to help programmers by providing a free and complete source code that can be use in their own application. I started SourceCodester.com since 2006 in the hope to provide a commercial product to everyone in the internet. But I change my mind. Instead of accepting more clients from the internet I decided to share my source code because of the demand of my service locally.

Beside from being a programmer I work also as a computer instructor and currently working as an IT Head in the government. Programming for me is fun and this is my secondary source of income. The more customers you have the more knowledge you will learn because new ideas will come up during developing phase.

I will share mostly all of my source code and just taking my time to upload it here. Tutorial will be my next plan. You will probably learn advance tutorial here.

If you have programming problem don’t hesitate to ask question in the forum. You can access it here http://www.sourcecodester.com/forum. You can contact me also at the contact page menu.