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Student management system is a sleek web database application that is very responsive and runs seamlessly on a wide range of devices. With this system school administrators can easily manage students marks, attendance records and courses. You can generate reports with system and be able to analyze or export as CSV data or print. You can also import CSV data on the go and get started with your application quickly.

installation instructions

  1. place the downloaded zip file in your local server extract it
  2. setup database by checking the database folder inside the project folder and find the SQL file
  3. Run the project

Login credentials

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2. NEVER, EVER run compiled files (.exe's, .ocx's, .dll's etc.)--only run source code.


sir when i run the project , there come "unknown database superschoo" why sirplease explain me and help me to remove the error

Error importing in the database
#1115 - unknown character set: 'utf8mb4

when edit project no can change

I need Source code of Computer Sales & Service with ms access plz update thanking you sir

It is posible to unlook this proyect to make more groups, edit etc..?
if that is posible, can you tell me how?
Thanks !
[urgent to know]

Yeah it's possible contact me via the contacts available in the project

good for the beginners who want to learn

This is best of luck make new one for us you are the best designee

kindly want a student management system?..if yes then contact me on whatsapp hit this kink or email:[email protected]

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