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Covid-19 Contact Tracing System Web App with QR Code Scanning using PHP with Source Code

Title: Covid-19 Contact Tracing System Web App with QR Code Scanning using PHP with Source Code This project was inspired in the LGU's Contact Tracking System here in the Philippines. The Contact Tracing System logs all individuals that are visiting a certain establishment. The system has 2 sides of the user interface which are the Admin Panel and the Establishments Log's Side. The Admin Panel is

Online Catering Reservation System using PHP with Complete Source Code

This is Online Catering System that allows customers to reserved catering services online using PHP and MySQLi. The system provides a step-by-step process in creating catering reservations from filling in personal information, event details, package details, and mode of payment. The system does not cater online payments. Email is then sent to the provided email address containing reservation

Simple Employee Records System using PHP with Source Code

Hey guys! This is a simple project created with PHP, MYSQL, and JavaScript (jQuery and Ajax) that stores employee's personal information including their Image and any other national identity card. You can add other users to also help manage the system and assign them user roles. This simple project can help IT/CS students and self-learners learn how to create a Web Application that has CRUD

Simple Quick Response (QR) Code Generator Web App Using PHP QR CODE Library With Source Code

This is a simple project that has a Quick Response Code Generator in PHP with the use of PHP QR Code Library. This project's purpose is to share this with the IT/CS students or self-learners to give an idea of how to create a web app that generates a QR Code. The source code has only a minimum scope which only has a simple form that has 3 text/input fields. The fields are the email, subject, and

Student Result Processing System using PHP/PDO with Source Code

This project is called as Student Result Processing System. This project was programmed using PHP/PDO, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and using some libraries and plugins for the better experience of the users. The system is divided into two modules which are the Administrator User and the Student. The Admin user can manage all the data of this project such as managing the list of Classes, Subjects

PayPal Express Client-Side Checkout in PHP

This tutorial tackles on how to integrate Paypal Express Checkout using Client-Side API. Most E-commerce sites' payment method is with the use of credit card but if you want to integrate another payment method which is using Paypal, this tutorial will surely help you out. Paypal, as per the site description, is the faster, safer way to send money, make an online payment, receive money or set up a merchant account.

e-Commerce Site using PHP/PDO, PHPMailer, ReCaptcha, and PayPal with Source Code

This is a simple e-commerce site system created using PHP with PDO as DB driver. The user/visitor can add products to his/her cart but unable to check out if not logged into the site/system. If the user is not logged into the system and adds a new product into the cart, these products will be added to the user's cart upon login.

Pre-School Management System using PHP with Source Code

This project is called Pre-School Management System. The system manages the certain school's admissions and other data/records. This system stores the list of the students along with the relevant informations. The system has many features such as enrollment, admission application, performance management, and many more. The system functional and free to download. The system was built/developed

Computer Parts Sales and Inventory System Using PHP/MySQL with Source Code

The Computer Parts Sales and Inventory System is a Simple Management System using the language PHP and MySQL database. This system is all about selling computer products and buying. The admin can manage all products such as update, delete, edit, add user, and add supplier. The system is very user-friendly and easy to understand. This system has a POS or Point of Sale Feature which where the sales

File Tracker Manager System using PHP/MySQLi with Source Code

This a File Tracker Manager System that is designed for the Tanzania Revenue Authority for the purpose of monitoring taxpayers' files. The reason why we created this system was due to the loss of taxpayer files either by employees or misplacement of the file. File Tracker Manager has 3 access levels which are the Administrator, Register, and the Normal User. The Admin is the user who is in charge