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School Event Management System in PHP/MSQLi with Source Code

This School Event Management System can create school events such as Volleyball games, Basketball, Cultural presentation, Election of school officers, etc. During school election Instead of having a compile list of candidates and voters, this system will help you manage the candidate for voting and the attendance of voters. And the winners can be automatically identified by the system whoever candidates contain the highest votes. School Event Management System is a system that will reduce your work and becomes very easy to handle all matters.

Simple Client Management System in PHP with Source Code

This is a Simple Client Management System Project using PHP and MySQLi as DB the driver. This system is written in pure PHP with no framework so it is understandable to beginners. It has a client requirement on the client-side and inserts data on the user side. This system has CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) Operations which is very helpful to beginners because this operation is commonly

Fighting Cock Information System using PHP with Source Code

The Fighting Cock Information System coordinates and integrates all essentials activities involved in running a fighting cock farm. The system had specified security and functionality standards for managing records and information. The primary purpose was to automate breeding, render timely services to each stage of chicken, maintained records and conditioning programs to make data retrieval easy

Online Student Management System in PHP/PDO with Source Code

Here’s an Online Student Management System that will surely help a school in managing and keep track of the information of every student. Compared to a manual that needs a lot of time in managing the information in a spreadsheet, this system can save you a lot of time and it will do all the work for you. It is a user-friendly system that school staff and admin can easily learn all the features in

Simple Traffic Offense System using PHP with Source Code

This simple project is entitled Traffic Offense System. The project was developed using PHP and MySQL Database. This system manages traffic violations. This system allows traffic officers to encode the violation of the driver's and the report contains the driver's name, violation/offense, registered vehicle number, and driver's license number. With this system, can help the traffic management or

Simple Food Website (CMS) in PHP with Source Code

This is a simple PHP Project entitle Simple Food Website. This project was developed using PHP and MySQL databases. This system is a sort of CMS (Content Management System) in which the system or company management can provide their clients a simple website to know more about them. This system can be helpful to the IT/CS students or newbies to understand how to create a CMS Web App using PHP

Company Crime Tracking System using PHP/MySQL with Source Code

This is PHP Project entitle Company Crime Tracking System. This project was developed using PHP and MySQL databases. This system tracks or manages the company's security issues. With the help of this project, the company security department record and tracks the issues that happened in the company. Along with the issue details, the system also allows the user to encode/store the issue severity

School Registration and Fee System using PHP with Source Code

This is a PHP Project Web Application entitled School Registration and Fee System. This is a system designed to register students for Bilal Islamic Seminary school in Zanzibar using PHP and MYSQL databases. It has 2 types of users which are the administrator and the normal user. The Students registered in the system can pay their tuition by full, half, quarterly, or exempted. The system users also

Basic Shopping Cart using PHP/MySQL with Source Code

This project is entitled Basic Shopping Cart. This is a web application that was developed using PHP and MySQL Database. This program allows visitors to your online shopping site to collect items in a virtual shopping cart over multiple product web pages without losing the items ordered. The system has 2 modules which are the Admin and Customer module. The Admin user can handle and manipulate the