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Welcome to my first article on Android tutorial. This section will teach you on how to start working with Android.
As you may have noticed, most of the program that I have uploaded here are Visual Basic and PHP. I am not actually used with Java, but after trying a few code, I found it interesting to work with it especially Android programming.
After two weeks of working with Eclipse, I managed to learn a lot of things about Android programming. So, basically the purpose of this section is to teach you what I have learned during my experiment with Java language particularly in Android.
If you want to learn something new, be sure to read a lot of tutorial before jumping to the most advanced topic. This will probably save you time and energy.
Now, are you ready to our next tutorial?
Head on to the following guide on how to get Android running on your computer for the very first time.

  1. Get the Android SDK
  2. Android SDK is all you need to have before you can start programming with Android. It has all the tools you need like Eclipse IDE, the Android Developer Tools, emulator, and a lot more.

  3. Build Your First App

Additional resources if you want to study in advance.


it nice dis code are awesome

Is there a tutorial in game development? using unity 3D?

u dont need any tutorial to learn unity just read 1 new edition of unity book and u will be able to use unity for game dev

this is nice code really helpful example..thank you for providing ...

Informative,keep doing the great job.Developing an android or ios application is not a back-breaking process,I got a completely developed application pleasing my requirements in four to five working days and was also provided with tutorials plus source code. Checkout at -

dear sir...
i' create the new application so i want to chating source code

Pls am having issues with my installation..... need your help

sourcecodester is very helpful in system and projects

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