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PHP Source Code

Free PHP Source Code. Download 10 latest PHP system's projects with source code for free here.

Sales and Inventory System for Grocery Store

The CURE Grocery Sales and Inventory System with source code will help the business track sales activity easily, inventory and to ensure that transactions are completed correctly. With the use of the system, retrieval process will speed up and be able to generate immediate sales and inventory report. The data are being stored in the system’s database. The admin is the only person who can add, edit

Best Online Exam System in PHP Full Source Code

This project focuses on developing a website that provides facility to institute and students in a manner that the learning, evaluation; assessment do not remain limited to the four walls of a classroom. This website works to find new ways to make an institute a center of excellence in education by providing all the study material, exams available to students online. The students belonging to

Game Result Matrix

This system has been tested twice during 2018 Provincial athletic meet. I developed this during college days that's why it's still in mysql version. Peace :) Hope you'll like it. Features: Can be used in multiple events without losing the data of your previous events. add multiple type of games add multiple delegates add athletes each delegates add 1 or more games each athletes will automatically

Rental House Management System with Documentation

This is a system that focuses on helping the landlords and tenants get to have a common platform to interact about the condition of the house and how the payment has to be done. Also helps the landlord alert a customer about the rent payment due dates via an SMS API (Nexmo), Specific Objectives: To analyze the manual system for managing rental houses, outline its flaws and determine the

Project Expense Monitoring System Project in PHP With Source Code | 2020

Project Expense Monitoring System Project in PHP With Source Code | 2020 This Project Expense Monitoring System Project in PHP is a system created using PHP and MySQL Database for backend support. The Twitter Bootstrap framework is used in this project. This Project expense Monitoring System project is designed to monitor the company expenses. With this project, the company will no longer find it

Simple Invoice Management Panel

The Simple Invoice generator System in PHP project is developed using Simple PHP language. The Project is based on the concept of calculating the total bill and generating the invoice of the customer. Talking about the project, it contains less but important features. A user can select any category, CRUD items before calculating the bill. The design of this is so simple that the user won’t find

AgriBoost: Agricultual System Using PHP

The latest agriboost help farmers with information such as weather, pest controls and so on. Features includes: Classic login module appealing homepage weather management Contact through email [email protected] For database files username: root password: ' ' Login details Admin account username: admin password: 12345 Just create new account with different permissions.