Invoice generation application in EXCEL

A beautiful Invoice Generating Application in Microsoft Excel, create and save PDF format for invoice copy in current working directory. And excel copy also in current directory for future edit. A menu driven application truely professional style. Password : 123 all comments to : [email protected] Pls send your comments to [email protected] regarding Why you doesnot like ? Why you like ? so that

Simple aplicación con OpenCV en Android Studio

Un ejemplo del uso de openCV en android, aun hay un problema cuando carga el archivo haarcascade o LBP. Solo debe tenerse la versión de opencv 3.2 para android y linkearla correctamente. Solo use un archivo en C++ para que sea más fácil usarlo. Las configuraciones de librería usando NDK estan el el archivo CMakeList.txt

Ruby: How To Connect To SQLite Database

In this tutorial we will create A Simple Database Connection Using Ruby/SQLite.Ruby is a dynamic, object-oriented, general-purpose, easy syntax kind of programming language. Most developers find it enjoy to work around with Ruby, and enjoyment is a great motivator for beginners. Ruby display an understandable errors, so you'll still be able to track the problematic part of errors. So let's start

Mobile Android and IOS eBook Application.

- an Android and IOS application - an e_Book app - allows you to create your own mobile e_book running on mobile devices - search the topic of the page book/ page number and open each page of the book/ customize Programming Languages used: 1. HTML 2. CSS 3. JAVASCRIPT 4. ANGULAR JS -APK FILE TO BE INSTALLED, DIRECTORY: iBook/platforms/android/build/outputs/apk/ -check below for more about the

Best Free Android Apps for Smartphone

Android is world’s most popular operating system. Increase his popularity, thousands of apps are developing or growing in android marketing. These apps are divided into numbers of a category which you can use to make work easier.Here some most important apps which can change the experience to use the mobile phone. Messenger Apps Here some best of messenger apps are available: Whatsapp Whatsapp is

B4A Beginner Tutorial - Pin Login

NOTE: THIS IS B4A formerly Basic4android tutorial. Note android studio or eclipse android tutorial The first part of this tutorial , we will create buttons up to 10, also create panels and name them key1 to key4. we will also create our variables This will indicate number of keys entered with red dots Sub Globals 'These global variables will be redeclared each time the activity is created. 'These