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Insert, Update, Delete and View in Jsp

> This project is connection between jsp to MySQL database.It is a Process on the project is store information into MySQL database and retrieve data into database.They can be perform operation Like insert,update,delete and view data.It is one part of admin panel on the project and this part is a password protection login here. This is the only for authenticate admin to access in insert, delete

Sales And Inventory System(Mobile).

This is basically a port of Raj's Application.Sales And Inventory System to android plat form.What this application can do. Create New Invoices Start a new invoice with one tap, with the ability to add products, customers and notes. Perform Inventory Lookups Find out what's in stock , payment and payment due globally and individual customers. Add or Create a Customer Select an existing Customer

Google Calendar API Integrating Project in Android

This is a Google Calendar API v2 integrating project. The biggest achievement is implement my Google calendar in all the events in my android app. I have phase problem of finding library jar files in a mobile application which is implemented in Android platform. Download Google calendar api integrating mobile application project in Android with major project with source code. Synopsis of Google

Easy Excel Bookkeeping

Instant Excel bookkeeping without any macros or VBA code. For bookkeeping beginners There are two sheets in this workbook: Ledger and TrialBalance. The Ledger sheet is arranged in the traditional T format for double entry bookkeeping. The TrialBalance sheet calculates its results from the Ledger sheet. This excel workbook is just a teaching aid to help students understand how debits and credits

Calculate Your Weight on Other Planets using Excel

Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with a user defined function in VBA to calculate you weight in kilograms, Lbs, and stone on the 8 planets MERCURY, VENUS, EARTH, MARS, JUPITER, SATURN, URANUS, NEPTUNE. This Microsoft Excel spreadsheet contains a new function called YourWeightOnPlanet(p, w). p = planet name as a string. w = your weight in Kilogrammes Use the function like this: =YourWeightOnPlanet(C9, G

Weekly Work Schedule Excel spreadsheet

Microsoft Excel VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) This Excel spreadsheet is a weekly work schedule for 5 employees working in a hostel to help them to keep track of their weekly hours. In Microsoft Excel You need to set your security level to low to allow the VBA code to run. Two special features this spreadsheet has are 1. If you enter the ISO week number it will automatically calculate the

Android Media Browser (Play Music, View Images, Play Videos)

This is an application that can view and browse all media such as audio, video, and image files. I have created this one using Basic4Andriod. It can browse all media files whether in different locations or directories and will categorize whether audio, image, and video files. It can also play music and videos with the important information like locations, albums, date created, track, and duration


Student are no more interested in qBasic programing language but I got some interesting program in folder written in qBasic from which good code can be generate if study well. I don't do the programming stuff again since I b'come a h**ker but i don't want the knowledge to be wasted. thanks 4rm bleeder