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Microsoft Excel VBA (Visual Basic for Applications)

This Excel spreadsheet is a weekly work schedule for 5 employees working in a hostel to help them to keep track of their weekly hours.
In Microsoft Excel You need to set your security level to low to allow the VBA code to run.

Two special features this spreadsheet has are
1. If you enter the ISO week number it will automatically calculate the dates for the beginning and end of the week.

2. When you click the 'Get Current Week Number' button, it looks at the system date on your computer clock and figures out what the ISO week number is and sets the week beginning and ending dates accordingly.

There are two spreadsheet tabs: 'computer fill in' and 'manual fill in'.

If you just want to fill in the times and employee names manually you could just print out the blank template and fill it in with a pen.

By saving the spreadsheet each week with a different week number appended to the file name you could keep a record of employee times over a month or longer.

In order to protect the formulas the 'computer fill in' sheet is protected. To view the formulas and code use the password Matthew

This file was tested on both Excel 2003 and Excel 2010.

If you study the code it will show you how to convert a date to its ISO week number and also how to convert an ISO week number back to the beginning and ending dates for the appropriate week. It is valid for many years to come.

Michael Finnegan
Friday 11 July 2014

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