Structured Query Language

How to Create a simple Registration Form in PHP/MySQLi and HTML

Introduction: This tutorial will cover creating a register form with PHP/MySQLi/HTML. Steps of Creation: Step 1: First, we need to create a database to hold the user accounts. This is done through MySQL/PHPMyAdmin. On your localhost/web host cPanel/Control Panel go to MySQL Databases and create a new one (for example; the name of your site - Mine will be "tutorial"). Next, go to PHPMyAdmin and

3 SQL Version of NorthWind Database

A great way to learn database programming is to have a good sample database with lots of tables and appropriate relationships between them to work with. Queries can then be composed from within a variety of programming platforms, such as Java, PHP, Visual Basic 6, Visual Basic.Net, Visual C#, etc. NorthWind is a free sample database that Microsoft included with every version of Access going all

MySQL Reserved Words

Good Day!!!! In this chapter of my tutorial, we will discuss all the Reserved Words in MySQL. SQL is a language that made up of keywords - special words that we used in performing SQL operations. We're not supposed used these keywords when naming a databases, tables, columns and any other database objects.

MySQL Language Syntax

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In this tutorial, we are going to learn about the MySQL Language Syntax and this is the continuation of MySQL Tutorials. My last work was all about the Installation of MySQL. In this Chapter, we will know how most actions on a database are performed using the SQL statements.

SQL Statements

This is the free-form language for SQL, statements are the following:
  • Uppecase or Lowercase.

MySQL Installation

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To make some follow-up with my tutorial, MySQL Intro, Today, I decided to make another tutorial on how the Installation of MySQL. In this Chapter, explains installation procedure of MySQL.

Download Installation Package

For the installation of MySQL, they have an installation package and can be downloaded directly from the MySQL Downloads page, which can be found at www.mysql.com/downloads.

How To Set Up Master And Slave MYSQL

In this tutorial I am going to teach you one of the most important MySQL techniques that you must use in your software development. Today huge amount of business use MySQL as their data base. Imagine if their database corrupted what would be happen ?, If your server crashed what word you do ? So we must use database backup technique to overcome those issues. Now I am going to explain you one of

Some SQL Query Optimization Technique

Modern day software application has millions of concurrent users. Development of efficiently serviceable application needs huge amount of effort, usage of lot of tools and techniques. Software developers always try to improve performance of the application by improving design, cording and database development. When we consider database development query optimization and evaluation techniques are