PHP Integer Variables

Introduction: This tutorial will cover integer variables in PHP. What is a variable? A variable is a piece of information which holds a value. Each variable has a type and a reference name. The value of a variable will depend on the type for that particular variable. What types can a variable be? There are a few different basic types of variable which include; Strings Booleans Integers Strings hold characters, letters, numbers and symbols in a string format (essentially a character array), Booleans hold a true or false value and Integers hold a full number. When are integers used? As stated above, integers are used to hold full numbers and as such are used for holding data such as; age, rounded numbers, totals. Integers are not meant to hold decimal numbers. There are two types of integers; 32bit and 64bit. 32bit Integers can hold a maximum value of 2147483647, while 64bit Integers can hold a maximum value of 9223372036854775807. Examples: Creating a boolean variable named 'integ':
  1. $integ;
Creating and initializing a integer variable named 'integ':
  1. $integ = 1;
Writing out our integer on-screen:
  1. echo $integ;

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