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PHP Echo

The echo command in PHP is used to output the text in the web browser. And echo is not a function, but it is a language construct. Meaning you don’t need to use a parenthesis with it.

Outputting a string
In outputting a string in PHP, we use echo. We place a string variable or we can use quotes, like what we are going to do in this example.
The code below we output a “Hello everyone!”. And the text we outputting is being sent to the user in a form of web page and it is very important to use a proper HTML syntax.

In the second echo, we simply put the <h3> tag at the beginning and closed it at the end of the string. Because we are using PHP to make web pages.


  1. <?php
  2. $greetings = "Hello everyone!";
  3. echo $greetings;
  4. echo "<h3>PHP programming is fun!</h3>";
  5. ?>


Hello everyone!
PHP programming is fun!

Echoing Variables

In echoing variables using PHP is very easy because there’s no quotations are required even if the variable does not hold a string.


  1. <?php
  2. $myFirstName = "I am Manny ";
  3. $myLastName = "Pacquiao, and i am ";
  4. $age = 34;
  5. echo $myFirstName;
  6. echo $myLastName;
  7. echo $age. " Years old";
  8. ?>


I am Manny Pacquiao, and i am 34Years old

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