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Python Input

In this tutorial you will learn: Input Function Input in Python 2.7 Input in Python 3.6 Making a simple Calculator Input Function This is an important function in programming languages almost all programming languages offer some kind of input function to take values from the user. Input in Python 2.7 Python 2.7 is a bit different from 3.6 and it has a different function for input which is called

Food Ordering System

Food Ordering System with Source Code is a C++ program that can make the ordering of food easier and convenient to customer. The system was developed using C++ language. The system is easier to use you just need to enter a certain key to transact your order. The user is already given after you open the program. This program has a feature in which it can generate a receipt after purchasing an order

Python Time and Date

In this tutorial you will learn: Dates in Python Time in Python Converting datetime object to string Calendar in Python Dates in Python In Python there are classes that gives us functions to manipulate dates and time. There are certain modules that are provided by Python and in order to bring those modules into our code we need to use import statements. These modules are called classes and they

Python Recursive and Lambda Functions

In this tutorial you will learn: Recursive Functions in Python Lambda Functions in Python Use of Recursive Functions Use of Lambda Functions Recursive Functions in Python These functions call themselves within the function but need a base case to stop the recursion otherwise it would call it self indefinitely. So a base case defines a condition which returns a base value of the function and it

Python Functions

In this tutorial you will learn: Functions in Python Function call Passing parameters to functions Returning values from a function Pass by value and by reference Functions in Python Functions, one of the most fundamental concepts in programming. Functions help us in modularizing our code it means that we put the most commonly used code in a function block and now we don’t need to write that code

OPISYS: Office Personal Information System

OPISYS - Office Personal Information SYStem program has VB.NET 2010 front end and MS Access 2007 is back end. It is to be used in a office personal usage & saving our daily activities, Library books, magazine due details, over time, leave and bill claim details. It has the following forms (see in screen shots); Office (daily) activities Library details Leave details Overtime details Bill claim

Python While Loop

In this tutorial you will learn: While loop in Python Nested while loop in Python Break statement in while loop Continue statement in while loop While loop in Python A while loop in Python is just like any in any other programming language. Just like a for loop a while loop also needs initialization, condition and increment. A while loop keeps on running until the condition is true. If we want the

Python For Loop

In this tutorial you will learn: Loop in Python For loop in Python Nested for loop in Python Break statement in for loop Continue statement in for loop Loop in Python In programming we sometimes need to execute a block of code again and again and for that we need to use something called loop. Loop helps us to repeat a block of code do something multiple times until a particular condition is

Python Conditions

In this tutorial you will learn: Conditional statements Indentation in Python If statement in Python Else statement in Python Elif statement in Python Nested if statements in Python Conditional statements Conditional statements as the name suggests define some kind of condition before an action is taken. In terms of programming conditional statements constrains whether a part of code should be