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Simple Invoice Management Panel

The Simple Invoice generator System in PHP project is developed using Simple PHP language. The Project is based on the concept of calculating the total bill and generating the invoice of the customer. Talking about the project, it contains less but important features. A user can select any category, CRUD items before calculating the bill. The design of this is so simple that the user won’t find

Inventory Management System Using Java

INVENTORY MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE (TO KEEP TRACK OF YOUR GOODS AND AVOID LOSSES) This is an inventory system built with Java Netbeans IDE (You can download the source code from YouTube under Description ) It can be used in various businesses ranging from pharmacies, chemists, supermarkets,warehouses, cosmetics stores, electronics stores...etc It's all about people who wants to digitalise their

Below You Will Find Powerful 40+ Web Tools That We Reviewed On Short

Below you will find powerful 40+ web tools that we reviewed on short. There are very different solutions from many industries: WordPress complete service offered by 24x7WPSupport, the most powerful WordPress theme from TotalTheme, a powerful way to protect your money when doing online shopping, offered by, and many others. Here is the first, a super-fast-growing real-time task