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Python Iterators

In this tutorial you will learn: Iterators Iterators in Python Developing your own Iterator Iterator We use iterator when we want to go through all elements of collection. It doesn’t need a specific collection or data type, it works irrespective of implementation. Iterators in Python Iterator is an object in Python it implements the iterator protocol. A protocol is something that defines some

ListView demo

ListView demo. This is a simple example of listview. User can add, edit and delete records and use it later on. User can extend listview column, user can use it as option panel also. This example came with some code which user can extend and manage according to requirement.

Python Exception Handling

In this tutorial you will learn: Exception Handling Exception Handling in Python Common Exception classes in Python Throwing an Exception in Python Exception Handling Whenever we develop a program most of the time we make small errors that may or may not be noticeable but they can cause the program to crash. It might be a simple logical programming error or some edge cases that we never thought of

Python Inheritance

In this tutorial you will learn: Inheritance in Object Oriented Programming Inheritance in Python Overriding in Python OOP Private members of Parent Class Inheritance in Object Oriented Programming Inheritance is an important concept in Object Oriented Programming. Inheritance means getting something from the parent and in programming it means the same the child class inherits methods and

Python Class and Object

In this tutorial you will learn: Classes and Objects Class in Python Object in Python Alter an Object Classes and Objects Object Oriented Programming Languages works with two main features Class and Object. In this programming paradigm we create containers that contains different properties and methods. These methods are used to modify the properties in some way and we name these containers as

Online Scheduling System

Online Scheduling System with Source Code is a PHP project that designed to solve the timetable and scheduling problems of some schools. The system was created using PHP, HTML, MYSQLi and Javascript. This system has the capability to show the room schedule, courses and subject in order to avoid conflict within the class schedule. You can dynamically create your user account to access and manage

Python Input

In this tutorial you will learn: Input Function Input in Python 2.7 Input in Python 3.6 Making a simple Calculator Input Function This is an important function in programming languages almost all programming languages offer some kind of input function to take values from the user. Input in Python 2.7 Python 2.7 is a bit different from 3.6 and it has a different function for input which is called

Food Ordering System

Food Ordering System with Source Code is a C++ program that can make the ordering of food easier and convenient to customer. The system was developed using C++ language. The system is easier to use you just need to enter a certain key to transact your order. The user is already given after you open the program. This program has a feature in which it can generate a receipt after purchasing an order

Python Time and Date

In this tutorial you will learn: Dates in Python Time in Python Converting datetime object to string Calendar in Python Dates in Python In Python there are classes that gives us functions to manipulate dates and time. There are certain modules that are provided by Python and in order to bring those modules into our code we need to use import statements. These modules are called classes and they