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Python Operators

In this tutorial you will learn: Python Operators Assignment Operators Arithmetic Operators Comparison Operators Logical Operators Python Operators Operators are considered as the foundation of any programming language. Operators are symbols which can control the value of operands by performing different tasks based on the type of symbol. Assignment Operators These operators as the name suggests

Python Dictionary

In this tutorial you will learn: Python Dictionary Adding elements to a Dictionary Accessing elements of a Dictionary Removing elements from a Dictionary Python Dictionary Dictionary is a resource that that lists words and their meaning. So Dictionary data type in Python follow a similar concept, they define a key and a value. They are declared using curly brackets. Dictionaries in Python are

Python Tuples and Sets

In this tutorial you will learn: Python Tuples Python Sets Difference between Lists, Tuples and Sets Accessing elements in Tuples and Sets Adding elements in Tuples and Sets Updating elements in Tuples and Sets Removing elements from Tuples and Sets Python Tuples Tuple is simply a collection of immutable Python objects it means that those objects cannot be changed. One of the properties of Tuples

Python Boolean

In this tutorial you will learn: Boolean in Python Boolean expressions Importance of Boolean in programming. Boolean in Python Boolean is perhaps one of the most simple yet the most powerful data type not only in Python but in other programming languages as well. Boolean data type has either a value of True or a value of False. Even the keywords used in Python to define Booleans are True and False

Online Car Rental System Using PHP/MySQL

Online Car Rental System with Source Code is a PHP project that allows you to transact online booking for car rentals. The system is using PHP and MySQL. The system is very straight forward. After you login as admin, you can create brand and add vehicles used for booking online. The system also has testimonials and contact us page so the customer can give their feedback and contact the site owner

Python Numbers

In this tutorial you will learn: Numbers in Python Integers Floating point numbers Complex numbers Numbers in Python In the previous tutorial we learned what are String data types are, how they can be declared and accessed. In this tutorial we will learn the usage of different number types in Python. myNum = 24 In Python there are different number types and the most important once are Float, Int

List of Free PHP Projects with Thesis Documentation and Source Code

Download for free a list of PHP Projects with source code here. For several years, has compiled a lot of PHP projects coming from programmers from different countries who willingly share their source code so other programmer like you can benefit from it. Previously we also compiled a list of free projects with source code to be used in your thesis projects. If you want to visit

Python Strings

In this tutorial you will learn: Strings in Python Immutable and Mutable in Python Joining two Strings String Slicing Finding length of a String Strings in Python In the previous tutorial we learned what variables are and how Python deals with variables. In this tutorial we will start by learning the details and usage of String type variable in Python. myString = “I am a developer” myHelloString =