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Magnifying Form Window In VB.NET

This program will allow you to magnify whatever the computer mouse is hovering on. You are able to resize the form too. To activate the magnifying window, you have to click on the form once. All we need is a 'pictureBox' and a 'Timer'. The timer will do most of the job with 18 lines of code. First we have to code the mouse positions and the syncing of the magnifying form. We set our resolution in

QR Code Generator

This QR CODE Generator is a simple program that generate text into QR code using messaging toolkit qr code. It also allows the QR code to be exported as image. Features: • generate qr code • export code into image Note: images exported using the qr code generator is saved automatically in my documents with the file name as equivalent in the textbox. For more additional information just contact me

Payroll System (SDSSU) Cantilan Campus (Visual Basic 2010 Ultimate with Embeded Database Microsoft Access)

Features - Register Employee`s - Create Pay-slip - Generate General Payroll - Can Switch Admin or User mode - User Friendly - Print Payslip - Export data`s to Excel - Print Employee Information Hope you learn basic coding guys .... if you have questions contact me: Support Developer by donation

Payroll System: Thesis Documentation Chapter Three

CHAPTER 3 METHODOLOGY This chapter focuses on the steps used concerning the development of the Proposed System for SDSSU HOLLISTIC PAYROLL SYSTEM. The Data were gathered from SdssuCantilan Campus, Surigao Del Sur through interviews, system development and system implementation. Research Design The project developmental project design where the researcher designed a system that provides a well

Payroll System: Thesis Documentation Chapter Two

Chapter II Review of Related Literature Local Studies According to the book ofTrias (2010) entitled “What is a Payroll System?” emphasized the importance of accurate calculations in a successful payroll system. It is that a payroll system is defined as “a system programmed to calculate taxes and deductions”, which can also be internet-based or offsite. In the book of Musa (2009), entitled

Payroll System: Thesis Documentation Chapter One

Introduction The purpose of SDSSU Payroll System is mainly to provide automation to the SDSSU accounting section. The categories of this system where the accountant can calculate the amount an employee owe based on factors such as the time they worked, their hourly wages or salaries, and whether they took vacation or holiday time during the pay period. The system adjusts gross pay by calculating