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Automated Teller Machine (ATM) System in C# and MS Access with Source Code

This is an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) System programmed through C# and MS Access as database that I used. The program can manage the client's Balance Inquiry, Withdrawal, and Deposit Transaction to the bank. The system has also an admin panel where can admin users can manage the clients accounts. The admin can block and unblock the clients account which means the blocked accounts cannot login

Document Management System using PHP with Source Code

This is a simple project called Document Management System. This web application is developed using PHP/MySQLi. The main purpose of this project is to store and manage the file documents of a certain company or organization. The system store the documents in the database as BLOB type. Talking about storing the documents in the database, the system also stores other file information such as the

Simple Library System for Beginners using VB.NET and MS Access with Source Code

This is a Simple Library System that was developed using VB.Net and MS Access Database. The program can help students, beginners, or new in the said programming language to understand how to integrate VB.NET and MS Access database. The program is able to store, update, delete, view, and search book details. The program is a single-form application which means all functions/features of this simple

Creating an Area Chart using Chart.js with PHP/MySQLi

This tutorial tackles on how to create a statistical representation of data in MySQL Database using Chart.js with PHP to fetch data from the database. In this tutorial, I'm going to show an area chart representation of data from our database. I've also added a form that can save data to our database to practice this tutorial.

Creating a Simple Upload File with AngularJS Progress Bar and PHP/MySQLi

This tutorial tackles how to create a progress bar in Angular JS. Angular JS is a javascript framework maintained by Google and is capable of creating Single-Page Applications. In the case of this tutorial, we show our progress bar on file upload to track its progress. Increase your upload size by editing your php.ini for uploads.

Library Management System Using PHP and MySQL with Source Code

This is a Simple Library Management System project that was developed using PHP. The system has 2 types of system users which are the Administrator and the students. The administrator is in charge to manage system data such as the books. The student users can read the announcements and borrow books. The system also computes the overdue fines of the students for their borrowed books. This is a

Phone Shop Sales Managements System using PHP with Source Code

This is a PHP Project entitled Phone Shop Sales Management System. This project manages the phone store's sales transactions. This web application stores the phone shop's stocks and records the available stocks. This also generates a printable invoice. The project has 3 types of users which are the Administrator, Manager, and Seller. The source code is easy to understand which can help you learn

Creating a Simple Login Using MySQLi Prepared Statement and jQuery

In this tutorial, we will create a Simple Login Using MySQLi Prepared Statement / jQuery. Most of the websites nowadays are required to use MySQLi / PDO statements due to the depreciation of MySQL. This time we will try to work out with MySQLi and Ajax call function to make our simple application more interactive. Let's start coding! Creating the Database First, we will create the database Open

Creating a Simple Dynamic Input using PHP and jQuery

In this tutorial, we will create a simple PHP web application that has a feature allowing the user to dynamically add inputs to the page to save the forms at once. We will be using the jQuery Plugin in order to meet our goal. Also, we will use the Bootstrap Framework to have a pleasant user interface. So, let's get started... Getting Started Requirements Download and Install the latest version if