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A payroll system that supports multiple companies. The database is created for each company. This is not intended for large businesses. My client did not ask for more features so the basic functions are: employees information, password protection, create voucher, payroll summary, and an employee's list report. At least you will learn on how to create a simple payroll system using this source code.

Account information
username: admin
password: admin

For the database password please read FAQ.

Here's a video demo of the VB.NET version:

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how to make a payroll sytem in visual basic?

can you please teach me..

what are the codes?

im workin with visual studio 2995,
pls send back the payroll system using this language, [email protected]
tnx tnx pu

can u give me or teach me to do a payroll system using only HTML...I need that b4 monday plz send it to my email [email protected] you..

Hello Jay.

First, I want to say you that you are a great net developer. Your system is very good.

Second, I want to analize your system, that's why I need a numeric example of how to calcule a payroll of an employee in your system. Please, can you sent it to my email [email protected]

How about the example in my payroll system?

Good day sir !!

Kindly give me an example of a payroll system in c++...

It will input the employee's name, no. of days work, no. of days absent, time late...

After inputting, it will calculate the employee's tax, gross income and the net pay...

The system is good for a month use (october month), its days of work also based in holidays.

The system will use will ask if you want to enter another employee again.if yes,it will go back to input another employee's name and so on..if no, it will display the summary of employee's name and its net pay...

Hoping for your responce..i need the codes very much...

It is more convenient for me if you use functions, class specification, class implementation and client file...

Our subject data structure requires this program.

Please do help...i found it hard to make this program, i have only 1 day left and i need back up..i need the codes this tuesday...please send it to me email address ' [email protected] '...

Thank you and Godbless !!=)...


How can i look into the payroll data Base, i have the source code from your the site, but i do not have the Data Base. Payroll.mdb


It is located under the data folder.

kindly send the database password to my email: [email protected] a lot!

using Java Programs with SQL po. Tnx alot!

hi... I am a BSIT student, can you sent me a sample program of sales system that is presentable...

[email protected]

please send me the codes in this program. please, please., please! thanks a lot.

[email protected] me...can u give a source code about payroll and grading system...plz sent at [email protected]

i want password to open the database..

here is the password for payroll and other acces mdb.

can you please send me the documentation of this payroll e-mail address is [email protected]

pls help me for my proposal could you make the examPle only system in payroll system using by MS.ACCESS AND VB.NET...AND FLOWCHART.. can u send my email [email protected]

Really interesting software , thanks for sharing


Plssss Send in my YM this Code plsss!
this is my YM
[email protected]
Thanks a lot!
MAg dedePence na kami after 1 week plsss!
Send the code my email Add!
Thanks a lot Sir!

Do you have any problem downloading the code?

Hello Sir! I opened your payroll system using VB.NET 2008 Express Edition, the project opened nicely but it produces 102 errors in the Errors List, all are related in crystal reports. What should I do with this? I currently use Crytal Reports 9.0 (cracked version but working fine). Should I change its version? What version did you use in this project? Thanks so much!

I am using VB.NET 2008 Professional Edition.

sir can u give me a sample program of payroll system..plz

my mail is [email protected]

I'm having the same problem..
what version of MS Access are you using sir?
I really am finding it hard to debug the program..:(

yes. i have a problem to downloading of your code,
please me..thank you very much

plz i want u to send me the payroll code using visual basics 2008 express edition in to my email box. this is my email account: [email protected]

thanks for ur supports

hey... please the general code of payroll system from vb6 to msaccess..
please i'll wait for your reply..this is my yahoo mail [email protected]
thank you very much..

hi can u give me a sample payroll system using study purpose....

hey pls help me!!! i need your help...pls can make a payroll system.. using 2005 version....

I will no longer support 2005 version of my Payroll system.

sir can you pls give me a sample of simple payroll system plssss!!!!!!
we just really need it sir!! thank you,,,,
may god bless you!!
[email protected]

hi dear.I want a project in some projects dear

It would be my next project sooner or later...

sorry! dear i don't have projects.

hi sir im christine of batangas taking Information Technologhy. please help me to my payroll system thesis. please give the general code of payroll system from VB 6.0 to MS ACCESS here is my email address in yahoo mail [email protected] u and
GOD bless...:)

can you please do another one with VB 2008 express edition

i need a payroll system developed in ASP.with the following constraints
(i)Design attendance system of employees in a company. Working hours an
9:00 am-5:00pm

(ii)Modify above system to give relaxation to employee .Allow 1 min late upto 3 days only and 10mins late only one day in a month.

(iii)Calculate salary of employee

(iv) Charge penalty if employee is on leave without prior information and
recalculate the salary

(v)Design appraisal system in it and recalculate the salary

plz help me email id is [email protected]

I'm a BSIT Student, We are currently developing a system which is the Integrated Personnel and Payroll System.

Can you us Sample of your Interface?

send me at this e-mail..
[email protected]

hi sir..can you help me with my thesis project?please send me a code or program using PHP..thank oyu very much..good day..god bless..

What is project in PHP?

emond sabiniano
Project Contractor-Developer/Software Consultant

sir..please send me a code and program of payroll system using email [email protected]

thankyou..good day and god bless

i am very thankful because you help other people when it comes to their programs.
thank you and god bless.

you can email me at [email protected]

i'm rodel from nueva ecija taking Information Technologhy. please help me to my payroll system thesis. please give the general code of payroll system from VB 6.0 to MS ACCESS here is my email address in yahoo mail thank you sir.. please help me and God bless

hi sir gudevening,sir may i know the password of your admin account in HOTEL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM just for my educational purposes in my coming the way sir i'm michael baya from zamboanga and im taking BS computer Science in WESTERN MINDANAO STATE UNIVERSITY and i wanted to know you sir because as what i have seen in your system that you made.its a good system.tnx sir

can u give some code of payroll system plzzzz

can you help me about my inventory system :C

help me sir....

can you give me a sample payroll system using VB...
can you pls send it 0n my ym account: [email protected]
please....sir..we really need it.

tnx a lot sir..

Sir may u pls send to me ur documentation of ur system on my email...

[email protected]

just need to my thesis....
thank u sir...

can you help me doing a payroll system.. please help me with the source code.. tnx.. emal me at [email protected] tnx.. 4 study purposses..


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