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I know how hard to create a program especially if you are a student. I’ve been on this situation before and luckily I was able to pass this requirement.

I write this article due to the demand of so many students who visited this website. Unfortunately I cannot answer all your queries because I am prioritizing some paid services like thesis writing.

In this matter, I am willing to help you create your program but with an exchange for a price. If you are willing to pay please don’t hesitate to Contact me at anytime.

I’m really sorry if I have to do this since I cannot accommodate all of you. I hope you understand this.

What is the Benefit?

You will be given a full source code without limitation plus a guarantee to teach you some of the complicated code within the program.

This is in no way to teach you become a lazy would-be programmer but will open an opportunity to deal with your thesis writing easily.

Form of Payment

You can either use PayPal or Western Union to send your payment. If you’d like to negotiate for other forms of payment just send me an email at the Contact page.

How to Hire Other Programmer at This Website?

If you want to hire other programmer at this website you are free to do so provided that I am not liable for any matters involving in your negotiation.

However I can recommend a friend which I truly trust in behalf of this website. Currently they are:

cedrick blas

To make the transaction safe you can email me your request and I will be the one to contact them. You may also see what they have shared here for your reference by clicking their name.


sir can u give me an enrollment system except that u require ... please sir

can u plz help my thesis project you have any suggestion and basis that can make with this thesis which is Computerized Examination system plz help me...

We are having a study in our thesis which is the expert doctor system in animals(cats and dogs), can u help us? [email protected] thank you.. Godbless

sir ! good day ..
can you please help us in our thesis proposal ..
our topic will be guidance personal data inventory ..
we need information for this problem ..
can you pls e mail me ..
your reply is a very big help ..thank you ..

email me @ [email protected]

gud day sir.....

how can i learn in making an automated entrance examination?ung pa visual basic po......

thanks and god bless you all......

here my email [email protected]

sir may mairerecommend po ba kayo sakin na thesis?
simple lang po pero unique?
kahit ano po pwede na...
IT student po ko...

email add ko po: [email protected]
tnx po...

Thanks sir. I'm one of those recommended people :)

Consultant / .Net Developer

::[email protected]::


anyone can help me to my problem about this title

can help u wid dat.. txt me in dis # 0930-1878-150

Sr, i need automated entrance examination for my project.... do you have any system regarding this proposed...

can u plz help me about the flow of this system.. .di ko kac alam kung anu ilalagay ko.. .yan kac title namin sa thesis ..plz help me..ASAP..

help me learn how to make Patient Information System?
by the way i dont know anything about Visual Basic I really need to learn it.

ym:cravezyou thanks! again!


Can help you for a price.

Just PM me.

[email protected]

PATIENT INFORMATION SYSTEM can u help me.. teach me

pls.. sino poh tga.STI jan? p'help namn o, pano poh gumawa ng THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK?

You may ask your adviser about to that topic.. Its different to other thesis documentation just make your own work the benefits is you will learn form it

i wnt user name and password for the application

i wnt user name and password for the application

sir im flor and i really want ur help in my project in software engineering,,sir my system is student billing system..sir i can u give me some idea for my system,,pls help me sir,,this is my email: [email protected]
pls sir help me...

Sir do you have a simple program in Computerized Entrance Exam.. Tnxs po.. this is my email add [email protected] thank you very much..

hope it will give you some idea..

emond sabiniano
Project Contractor-Developer/Software Consultant

hi sir

do you have a system about record and filing system for applicant record.

thank u =)

do you have any programs that are developed using CASE tools?

sir ,,,can you help me

i need ur help on fast food billing system..with user login screen, on main menu = items price, customer order, generate bill and quit.

Do you want a customize system? Send me email so we can talk about it.

hi need a payroll system pls contact me 09228590639 tnx

plsz.. i need a source code for my inventory system.. pls.. help me

Please help me kc may nag papagawa sa akinng program of LOAN SYSTEM can u help me i pay you..

Yes no problem. If the price is right I am willing to help you. Contact me in the contact page by click the link above.

can u help us how to create a patient information system?

Sir, can i Modify your code, add new features and redesign your interface to be used as a thesis?

Yes sure!

how to run the Billing Program...

kailangan po namin yung medyo kakaiba but much easier..yung kaya pong gawin..
thanks in advance,hope you can help us..


sir,may mairerecommend po ba kayong mas maganda at mas medyo madaling thesis?
may thesis proposal po kasi kami games of the general po kailangan gamitan ng AI super hirap po..
i hope meron po,it will help us a lot..thank you..


I think walang program na mas madali lg gawin. Kailangan mong paghirapan muna yan.

im cyren..... sir, do you have any idea for thesis title that is not common ...please sir give me some ideas, we are about to pass some proposal in our thesis but we failed all are rejected...

this is my email: [email protected]
thanks and God bless

I think all of the system are already invented. So better ask your professor to make a prototype of other system.

Please I want to write a program in PHP for my BSc programme. Its Electronic Filing System and E-Records Management including archiving. Please how much will this cost me and how long will it?

sir yes sir

Please contact me at [email protected] I really need your help bro! Thesis na rin kasi gf ko eh.. Nahihirapan sila sa project nila.. Kahit ako di ko rin malaman kung anong gagawin..

good day!!

can i have the code of cable billing system


You have all the rights to download my billing system here.

hello good day to you...
we have a project..we will make an inventory system...please help us to make this is my email([email protected])plz....
we need ur codes as soon as possible..plz


do u have a system that is unique?

because we pass many system but all of it wasn't approved

because it was common,can u gave me an idea??

please help need for thesis

email me

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

thanks in advance..

I talked a lot about this issue before. But seems there are still so many instructor who insist their students to find a unique program for their thesis writing. Isn't that all system are already developed?

Like: payroll, inventory system, accounting system, etc. If I am your instructor I would rather require you to submit any system that you are familiar with.

sir, can u teach me how to make a program using vb,our proposed system is record and billing system...
pls email me at [email protected] tnx...

can u gv a sample code for making a billing system. cause my proposed thesis is to make a billing system


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