Checkin and Reservation System

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Hello guy'z, this is a simple checkin and reservation system that i created last month..
    This system is not yet done but you can absorve a lot of knowledge on it.
    Good for those students who take thesis relevant to this..
        Enjoy it guy'z and Happy Coding...

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dude , this real shit . million thanks for the code you have . Brilliant man . Cheers

Sir How will i know were the password is?

Hi, the system is cool.
Whats the admin password to enter, and the rest too:
email me bogz @ hot

Look for the database of this system. Then select the table for the user, the password is there.

hi there this project is awesomeeeeee.........plz can you send me the report of this project at [email protected] urgent....i will be thankful of you............

hi can u make a customize payroll system for us? how much? pls email me at [email protected]

Nice one Romel

Thank u sir..

sir help po i need a THESIS title having a DEVICE PLEASE HELP ME..THANK YOU

hey bro can u help me doing my thesis its hotel reservation?

realy fantastic
email :[email protected]

am just an upcoming programmer, checked one of your programs and really liked it. Weldone please hw do i add Cloud Toolkit N6.Cloud Desktop Button in visual basic just as what you did in the ATM software thanks a lot my email id is [email protected]

Very nice work. Good luck to you and to your project co-worker

-=== cool ===-

Thanks dude..

i just wanna ask if u have a source code for payroll system..tnx..hope u can help me..

have a nice day

hi i have a payroll system..if ur interested just e mail me @ [email protected]
or contact me @ 09197318410. . .tnx

..Ahm wag na..gagawa nlang aq payroll system q..tnx nlang dude....

Ahm sori maam, i have no source code for payroll system...

can you give me what is the password of your data base?. i like your sytem
[email protected]

ahm there's no password in database...hmm tnx..

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