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Payroll System Using C# And MySQL Database with Source Code

This Payroll System Project is a software-based system that is designed in a flat-based desktop application. This system can handle tasks such as managing the employees’ information and their corresponding payroll every week and month. This is a user-friendly system that the user can easily determine what they are going to do. The main goal of the system is to give accurate data to ensure all the

Warehouse Management System

This Project is developed using C#4.5 and SQL Server 2008 Main Features are : 1.Customer Management 2.Supplier Management 3.Stock Management 4.Sales Management 5.Customer Kiosk (Separate customer page for tracking orders,Placing orders and mnay more) 6.Products management 7.Multiple user support 8.Database backup and restore 9.Advanced Reports Admin Login Information: Username- mohamednageh

Complete Human Resources Information System

Complete Human Resources Information System written under VB6 which aims to help beginners to understand basic CRUD operations, recordset pagination and basic SQL statements. Some of the features of the complete application are as follows; EMPLOYEE MANAGEMENT • Manage employees information ( CRUD) • Configurable employee's default income and deductions PAYROLL SYSTEM • Employee Information 201 -

Philippines Payroll Calculator

PayCal.ocx is a simple payroll component. It is designed for the Philippines Payroll market. There is a simple Vb6 test project included to try out the component. There is also an Excel spreadsheet project to demonstrate it as well. If you examine the source code of the test project it will help you to use this component in your own project. Register the component on your computer and add it to

Piece Rate Payroll System

Description The piece rate system is that system of wage payment in which the workers are paid on the basis of the units of output produced. Piece rate system does not consider the time spent by the workers. Piece rate system is the method of remunerating the workers according to the number of unit produced or job completed. It is also known as payment by result or output. Piece rate system pays

Role Based Access Control Payroll System based on Departments

helo! This is a VB.NET implementation of Role Based login . I have attached the zip code. U need Crystal Report installed to be able to access it. You also need Visual Studio 2008 and above. ROLE USERNAME PASSWORD superAdmin admin admin FOR A BRANCH LIKE ASIA: ROLE USERNAME PASSWORD superAdmin admin admin Admin adminasia adminasia FOR A BRANCH LIKE KENYA: ROLE USERNAME PASSWORD superAdmin admin