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A payroll system that supports multiple companies. The database is created for each company. This is not intended for large businesses. My client did not ask for more features so the basic functions are: employees information, password protection, create voucher, payroll summary, and an employee's list report. At least you will learn on how to create a simple payroll system using this source code.

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username: admin
password: admin

For the database password please read FAQ.

Here's a video demo of the VB.NET version:

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i want a source code for payroll in java

i want a source code for payroll in java

sir,.... please send me the source code for payroll software in vb6.0 within few days at my id
[email protected]

pls give me an idea or even the source code in VB6.0.. I really need this for our thesis thnx.. here's my email anyway: [email protected]
thank you^^,

u looks cute

what's the best thesis to propose using php language???? pls reply.. thanks..

can i get the source code of the payroll system, it's for our thesis....tnx

can i have a sample of number system code?
it's for our defense in programming... i don't know how to do the formula... it's repeated...


this is my e-add... [email protected]


sir,.... please send me the source code for payroll system...
Help me pls...this is for our thesis..

thanks tio

sir i need codes of payroll system in vb can u plz help me? this is my e-add [email protected] i need ur response thanks in advance!!!! :) god bless !!

sir plxz help me 4 the codes of payroll system i realy need 4 my major project in visual basic, diz is my email add. [email protected] i hope u read my message, plxz help me!!..tnz ph godbles^^

Realy Nice, but could you please to give me source code payroll system.
here's my email : [email protected]
Thanks A lot ya..?

sir...can you give me the code of payroll system using [email protected],that's my email add.sir....tnx

can you send me the Code of this program pls.. :) here's my email add [email protected] thanks.

Hi Friend,
i'm in urgent need to complete my payroll management system project.Could Please send me the Source code of ur project.This will very helpful to me.
My mail id is : [email protected]


Help me naman po sa code.
this is my e-mail [email protected]

i m urgently in need of payroll system slip generation.if so mail me at
[email protected]

plz send me a java program of employee payroll system on my email id [email protected]


hi can u send me a code of payroll system for my project,,, my email add is [email protected]


Can anybody help me in providing the source code of a programme in ASP.NET c# which has Insert, Edit, Save, Cancel, Delete and Exit button. My email id is [email protected]

Hi, please send me payroll project in sql to iky )[email protected]


pliz i need the code in vb pleease!!!!!!!!my email [email protected]

hello sir,
can you pls send me the java code for payroll system.........
My mail id [email protected]

Hi. Can you please send me the program of MS VISUAL STUDIO C++ 6.0 or send a link where i can download it for me..Thank you.
email ad is [email protected]

can i ask for a copy of you source code?? here's my email add... [email protected]

thank you in advance sir i really need it for my project...god bless

hello there. I have a report and i dont know what program to make aside from enrollment system, grading system and payroll system in vb 6.0. So can u please tell me what more programs i can do aside from those 3 systems i have listed.thank you :)
[email protected]

pls can you provide me with source codes for a payroll system using pl sql

[email protected]


can you give me code for payroll using vb need for our thesis..
thank you and god bless
[email protected]

Hi Good day!
I receive your message regarding on payroll system, Please provide me the requirements and the system flow. Thanks!


can you help me also? i need it for thesis. i'll be using and mysql. here's my e-mail address, [email protected]

thank you.

sir,i want your assistance in my project on college examination system on vb and access

Hi Kevern, i just read about you on your blog here. I have a project that i have to do. below is the project. Could you please go through and let me know if you can assist me please please?? My email: [email protected]
Project Description

You are employed as a Database Developer/Administrator at the Computer Services department at HONDA. HONDA is well known for selling cars and motorcycles. The company needs a Parts Booking System which will be used for recording and monitoring requests for repairs and parts or other works. The company wants the system be developed using PL/SQL (general logic, trigger and some automated process).

The scenario we have is:
The current setup: parts requests and booking are recorded in a book. A client comes to the shop; he/she requests for a part, the sales person writes it in a book, the sales person then orders the part/s via telephone from HONDA South Africa. The client leaves the building. She /he come back after a week to see if the part has arrived. The Sales person has to go through the book to see if its there. It takes a while, as there are a lot of other requests from other clients. Once he finds it, he has to call the company to see if the part has been sent. If it has been sent, he has to go and check in the store room, he cannot see in the book if the part/s has arrived. If the part has been delayed, the salesman cannot see as to where the parts are delayed, he just has to wait until it arrives. Clients are not well informed about were their parts are when they have been ordered, etc.

NOTE: (the scenario has been shortened to illustrate the problem being faced at Honda Namibia, a lot of problems still that you can think about, etc)

Your task is to write a report to the IT Manager which should clearly indicate the necessary PL/SQL tools and techniques (example subprograms, triggers, cursors, etc) you will be using and why you suggest to use these selected PL/SQL tools (i.e. you must develop a preliminary system design in order to be able to identify those tools). The report should be so clear and convincing that the IT Manager will give a go ahead to start with a detailed design for future implementation. The preliminary system design is part of your deliverable and is inclusive in the report.


Thank you very much and very much appreciated.

Best Regards,

can someone also mail this code pls
at [email protected]

please please email me this car parts booking systems codes please at [email protected]


please please email me this car parts booking systems codes please at [email protected]


please email me @ [email protected] if u happen to get assistance, will do the same.


Sir, can i run and open a system made in Visual basic 6.0 in VB.Net?
Can you please send me a copy of an inventory and sales system of any kind...(preferably for a pharmaceutical company)... with how the codes works, our tutorial...For our thesis.

This is my email address: [email protected]

Thanks in advance!


please can somebody send me an exam grading system in vb 6.0 .i need it [email protected]

hi sir.. can you give me a sample payroll system made in visual basic 2008.. thanks.. i need a code for it.. thanks.. im a's my email add.. [email protected] plz send 2 me.. thanks..

i need a sample of the project and the codes for it

i need payroll software in my company

Hi are you still looking got a payroll system, I have Payroll system developed under VFP9 and it's been using in the market.. It's very affordable .. pls email me at [email protected] if interested

im jane a 2nd yr college student taking up Comp.Sci.
can i have the codes of your payroll system, cause were be needing it..
you can send it to my email add.. [email protected]
thanks.. :)

if you have any projects (build in VB.Net) on the above tittle send me,
mail: [email protected]


i need the payroll system codes for our project... can u help me? this is my

email ad. [email protected]

tnx a lot..

can any one help me in doing a sales inventory system?
[email protected]


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