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College Attendance System (CAS) in VB.NET and MSSQL Free Source Code

College Attendance System (CAS) in VB.Net with Full Source Code Free Download This College Attendance System in VB.Net is a software-based application project that is developed in Visual Basic and MS SQL Server 2014 for the database. The College Attendance System is designed to manage college or university student attendance records. This is a desktop application program that is developed with the

File Handling: How to Open a Text File in Visual Basic.NET

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to open a text file using Visual Basic. A text file is considered as a plain text and the only capable of creating plain text files and save it to .txt extension is notepad. So to start with this tutorial, open first a visual basic and create a project named “FileHandling”.

Airline Reservation System using VB.NET with Source Code

This is an Airline Reservation System project for the learner of The system has 2 sides of users which are the Admin and the User. The Admin user is in charge of managing the Aircraft, Destinations, Scheduling, and Reports. The Regular User will be the one who can reserve a flight for the passengers and also the one who can cancel the reservation of the passengers. This Project using SQL

Airline Reservation System using VB.NET with Source Code

HI, this is the 4th program I have submitted on sourcecodester. This project is a simple system developed using VB.NET. About The Airline Reservation System is a project developed to manage the reservation seat of the passengers on a certain flight of the airline. This system simply stores the list of flights, planes, and passengers' reservations. The system automatically detects if the

Library Management System using VB.NET and MS Access Database with Source Code

About the Library Management System This Library Management System source code is a project that been developed using VB.NET with Microsoft Access Database. This system was designed and developed for a specific school. The system handles different features that are commonly and mainly used/related in managing the books of the school library and this includes borrowing and returns books. The

Simple Calculator in (VB) Visual Basic with Source Code

This is a Sample calculator that I created in visual basic 2008, and this sample will be more useful for learners who are interested in VB 2008 and fortunately the VS 2019 can upgrade the source code perfectly. You can study it and modify it as more as you like. How to Build a Simple Calculator First, create an Interface for your calculator which has the following: TextField Buttons for the

Adding and Saving Records to Access Database using VB.NET Tutorial

This is a continuation of my other tutorials entitled Search and Retrieve a Record from Access Database and VB.NET. But here, we will focus on adding and saving a record into an access database. Now, let's start this tutorial! 1. Create an access file with the table and entities like the image below.

Login using Visual Basic (VB6) and MS Access Database

LOGIN into Access using Visual Basic(VB6) Previously I had created a database connection to MS access using Visual Basic(VB6) at . In this project I have gone further to create a login system using VB6 and access database. Feel free to access this source code but always mention the coder or his email [email protected]