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visual basic

Create a Chart and Export Data from the DataGridView into Excel

This code sample will randomly generate the data set, then put into the DataGridView. The data from the Grid table is generated in the Chart. There are three types: Column, Line, and Point. I used the @Run Time method to create Legends and Series. In addition, I gave the code to send data to Excel (Line-By-Line) as well. Visual Basic .NET (2010) + MS Excel 2010 Thank You. I hope this sample

Sales and Inventory System - VB6 + Ms Access 2003

JB Sales and Inventory System This Sales and Inventory System is developed using Visual Basic 6 and using MS Access 2003 database in the back end. This is developed according to my school project requirements for the subject of Computer Programming III (Visual Basic). Main Features are: 1. Customers(Super Distributors) and vendors Profile 2. Orders Processing 3. Inventory Management 4. Invoice

Library Monitoring System Using RFID

Instead of a library card, this system uses RFID in timing in and out and also for borrowing books in the library. Before the system with RFID, the system with a library card, librarian or student assistant, and students they manual input their time in and out, name, book name, and signature. With RFID system, they just tap the RFID then it will time in or out and saved so having RFID is better

Ticketing Management System using VB.NET with Source Code

This is a project entitled Ticketing Management System written in and SQL Server Management Studio R2 2008 database for Small Port of Surigao City. This project store the port's passengers' details and generates a printable ticket after the payment. In order to create a new transaction, the system admin must configure the passengers' fee according to their classification. Also, the admin

Nightingale Audio Player

This is my first code am posting here, and is a simple but professional audio player which has so many features like the other windows application. i like coding and this being the first project i did i decided to post it here for guys like beginners who are into vb coding. Am third year student in the university for Development Studies UDS in Navrongo and also offering BSc. Computer Science. hope