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This is Airline Reservatin System project for the learner of In this project have mainly two section
(1). Admin
(2). User

(1) ADMIN-
The user has full permision or access on the system
like as
1. add schedule foe aircraft
2. Add Aircraft
3. delete
4. etc
(2) USER:-
In here we provide to create a profile. All the user has to create an id & password. Then open the id & reserve the ticket. The use has permission for some work like
1. cheak ticket status
2. cheak seat avealabilty
3. Reservation
4. cancle the ticket.
5. print the ticket
for open The project :-
For Admin- Username:- lokesh
Password:- password
you can msg me & follow me on twitter :

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please email me the database?
[email protected]

Which database we should use for project.

Please mail me the database complete @[email protected]

please email me the database?thanks
[email protected]

i cant create account cause i dont know the database

doesn't work >>>

an error occurred when attching the database(s)

additional information

an exception occurred while executing a transact-sql statement or batch

cannot be upgraded because it is read-only or has read-only files.
make the database or files writeable , and rerun recovery . ( Microsoft SQL Server , Error:3415 )

help me pleeeeez

change the database location acording to ur pc

Failed to create account when creating a account? ? any help?

the database location is my pc... so the creating acount time database is not conected . for the batter result u change the database location and try again

hello sir, i am working on this project in my college plz give me a databse of this project.
i was download project from your website but there is not available database.
please send me database on [email protected]

Lokesh i was had same problem after changing the database file location to my pc.
Why do u have two db inthe folder


thankssss thankssss thankssss thankssss

What Database you use for this system coz when i try to create a account it says "Failed to create Account" . . .please help me

bcoz i use the database location which is the my computer location. when u use the this project time database is not conected then the acount creat proces is nor working. for the better result . u change the database location acording to use computer in the project code then try again . i think ur problem is solve 100%

plzz add the some extra featears just like.. password change etc..
but ur code is very usefull for me

ur code is very good. i like this. & try to impliment the other project with the help of this code thanx

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