College Attendance System (CAS) in VB.NET and MSSQL Free Source Code

College Attendance System (CAS) in VB.Net with Full Source Code Free Download This College Attendance System in VB.Net is a software-based application project that is developed in Visual Basic and MS SQL Server 2014 for the database. The College Attendance System is designed to manage college or university student attendance records. This is a desktop application program that is developed with the

Online Health Care System in PHP with Full Source Code

Online Health Care System in PHP with Full Source Code The Online Health Care is an automated system that is made up of PHP, CSS, JavaScript, and MYSQL for the database. The main purpose of this Online Health Care system is to help improve and optimize all the processes within the institution. This Online Health Care system has two sides, an admin and a user. About the Online Health Care System in

Airline Reservation System using VB.NET with Source Code

This is an Airline Reservation System project for the learner of . The system has 2 sides of users which are the Admin and the User . The Admin user is in charge of managing the Aircraft, Destinations, Scheduling, and Reports . The Regular User will be the one who can reserve a flight for the passengers and also the one who can cancel the reservation of the passengers. This Project using

List of Thesis Title for IT Student 2021

Hello my fellow IT student, I post this (List of Thesis Title for IT Student 2021) because I want to help those IT Student who found difficulties in deciding their thesis title. Below is the list of thesis title. List Of Thesis Title : Predicting Student Performance in an Online Exam Practice and Mock Environment. Implementation of Dynamic Auditing Protocol for Data Storage in Cloud Computing

Computerized Payroll System (Java GUI)

This Computerized Payroll System was my project in Computer Programming 2 Subject particularly in Java when I was a 2nd Year Student. This project was developed using JCreator Pro and MS Access as the database used. This features employee information with its designation, employee settings for the allowances such as food, transportation, and others; and deductions such as absences, SSS, PhilHealth

Sales And Inventory System (C# + SQL Server)

This is a project of my younger brother entitled Sales and Inventory System for a particular store programmed through in C# and MS SQL Server database for their computer programming subject. The system has the following features: - Product Information - Inventory - Cashiering/Billing - Sold Items - Manufacturer's Information - User Accounts - Critical Items - Receive Order - Login Trail - Audit

Compilation of My Android Apps and Android Tutorials

These are the list of my Android Application and Android Tutorials that will help you in your capstone/thesis for a quick reference. Android Apps 1. Android SMS Application using Basic4Andriod Link - Password: thecreator 2. View and Display PDF Files in Android Link -

Student Information System (Java)

This Student Information System was developed using Java as the Frontend and MS Access Database integration. This was one of the student projects in their java programming subject that i made when I was still a student. This system has all the object components in java such as buttons, textfields, radio button, combobox, list, images, checkbox that you can refer on how to use these components. It

Online Video Player:Share Your Videos with the World

This is a video sharing website. Any user having an account can upload a videos. User can also edit/delete/private/public their videos. This videos can be watched by all the user who access the website but only those user who have an account can rate, comment and subscribe videos/channel. It also recommends similar videos that your watching and more videos of that uploader. I have used here auto