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A payroll system that supports multiple companies. The database is created for each company. This is not intended for large businesses. My client did not ask for more features so the basic functions are: employees information, password protection, create voucher, payroll summary, and an employee's list report. At least you will learn on how to create a simple payroll system using this source code.

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username: admin
password: admin

For the database password please read FAQ.

Here's a video demo of the VB.NET version:

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we dont need to hire a programmer because we can do it on my own :P bleeeh !

Yes you can but others CANT! :P bleeeeh!

please help me on how to display data to a webpage from a database using

i need simple employee details payroll information system sourcecode in vb by linking ms access..

VB? what is the extension?

please help to get a code for student mark analysis in java technology

please help me :( code for payrol system please give me sample...

sir/maam please email me....or pm me facebook account or yahoo account, this is my amail address;[email protected]

thank u and godbless more power...!!

hlo!! please help me to my subject in payroll system but i need to help us. an i hope so to give a source code one of them. pls help me soon us posible my email [email protected] my contact no. 09351031182

I'm Michel M. Bautita from philippine, please help
me to my project, which is student infomation system,I need
me a code related in that system, if you want to help me
please sent me Source code of student info. system using Microsoft
Visual Basic 6.0 to [email protected], Thanks before....

could u plz send me the jsp code for payroll???????
([email protected])

can you pls help me send me a complete payroll system that will compute for the number of hours worked by the employee a week and compute for the sss, pag-ibig,gsis, and other taxes using visual basic 6. for those who know pls send me at my email [email protected] you

..I am 2nd year IT student..I chose to create payroll system for our thesis project.Can you please help or give me a sample program and code for that?
Please ..I'm looking forward in your most favorable response..Here's my e-mail: [email protected]
Thank you!!!

pls help! could u send me a source code of library system using database in vb 6.0 (pls. send to [email protected])thanks!

Sir,patulong naman po sa inyo kung sino po ang nakakaalam kasi po gusto ko po sanang lagyan ng search name ang ginagawa kung program bago lang ako sa pero nakita ko po yong databindingcontext ng payroll maganda po.di ko po alam paano maglagay ng code to search a certain name using databindingcontext.salamat po sa tutulong.God bless.ito po ang aking email add [email protected].

hello sir,
can u please provide the complete documentation of hotel reservation project in and also the password of the data base to my email id
[email protected] thank u in advance

have a nice day to you,can you please give me the codes of whole ATM payroll system in please im is my account [email protected] thank you so much!,,

I have downloaded ur Payroll zip, but i do not know how can open it..because I am just start learning with your file. But I want a Payroll System...Please reply e-mail ID is [email protected]
and mobile no is 9346454268

sir can you help me how to connect a bar code device to vb 6.0 i make a payroll system using vb 6.0 this is my email add thanks [email protected]

...."could you please give me a code for paayroll system using vb 6.0?
tnx po...


[email protected]
need lang po sa thesis.......
tnx again...
god bless and more power...

hi.....i'm MCM II yr student seeking 4 payroll system.....plz give me guidance [email protected]

Hi!.. would it be possible if you make a video regarding payroll system using visual basic 6.0 and upload it on you tube,?..

i need a project in vb 6.0 on employee salary system...
plz mail me this project with synopsis and source code at [email protected]

I need this project in complete form: mail me at [email protected]

do you have some documentation about this system of yours???can i have 1??

email me [email protected]

hi there,

this is my 6 months of job and my employer has given me if possible to create payroll system for my company. i am from a developing country in Australian Pacific continent were don't have much education in technology. it's been a priviledge to me and I'm certainly having problems in creating the codes.

I have chosen a simple format like showing below and your help putting up the codes would ease down my headache.

It would be grateful and would hilghly appreciated an expert like you to help me out. Should you need more information would like to send the codes my email address is [email protected]

Thank you very much for your understanding and merry christmas and a happy prosperous new with your family.

God Bless,,
Mr. Karua Baru
Papua New Guine

plz my bro i have this project taken out of 50% plz send me=[email protected] plz i will beg you

Can I get teh codes pliss !!!!! pliss to be give teh codes ..... my email is [email protected].

noob anon

plz.. help me.. i get my assigment to make a pay roll system.but i haven't an idea how to do it.plz send me a source code of payroll system in my mail... [email protected]

...hi???i am a third year computer science and seeking for someone to help me with my thesis ...i think u're one of the kindness persons whom gonna weigh my burden...can you give me codes using your expertised? i really need to grasp your knowledge and skill on how to make a program ...pls help me.. anyway if you're willing to raise your talent,knowledge and skills i hope your proudly to impart those with needy people...thank you and GOD SPEED.hERE's my email add [email protected] visit my site at your very convenient time...keep safe

can you send to me the codes in visual basic 6.0 my email address is [email protected] i'm doing the project on payrole..thanks!

plz help ....i want only sample project of ongarments transaction ...
by taking guidence of that i can build my own

can u plz send the source code to my email add: [email protected]

thank u ..

hi sir,i need your help sir,the source codes of inventory system in a jewelry shop using the visual basic.please send me a source code and the program in creating inventory system.this is my email address [email protected] thanks...

plz i need your help for making a computerized payroll system using c++ ..i needed nxtwek......this is my email add.([email protected]) thank u.....

can you show us the syntax for making payroll system tnx
.. we need asap for my thesis project

please me a write a java program dealing a weekly payroll
my email is: [email protected]

hi my name is sujan i need the class diagram of the project please email me at [email protected]

pls i want you to help me write the proposal and source code in JAVA the the electronic way of handling money

Hi, I need payroll system, can you please email me because I am stupid and can't figure this out

Yes, a lot of these requests are pathetic.

Yes, they're probably doomed since they can't figure out a download link.

But that doesn't mean you have to ridicule and belittle them. Other people have already done so in so many ways. This kind of behavior doesn't make you look smarter or 'better'. Just an entitled jerk who has no perspective.

And if you're blaming them for the state of the industry or the loss of your job, then you've just lost sight of the true problem again.

You're like the people who blame cops for stupid laws. The cops don't make laws, they just enforce them. The lawmakers are elected by us (if you're living in a representative democracy like the U.S). We're responsible for stupid laws.

Similarly these developers didn't "take" your jobs. The managers and executive officers at your short sighted company opted for the "cheaper" option to outsource overseas.

These guys are from a third world country. I've been there, I've seen the conditions and the lack of opportunity. 95% of the population made less than $500 USD annually.

Think about that while you look around you. How much is that monitor you're staring at? Do you have a gaming console? How about that mobile phone? Oh, and don't forget the car, the ability to drive that car on gas on a road that's PAVED.

Believe me you'd jump at the chance to make $28,000 a year as a "Developer" even if you didn't know your stuff, just on the off chance you can succeed. But don't worry, none of these guys are probably hurt by your ignorant comments, they're probably just glad for the opportunity to better their lives and send money back home to their families.

You just keep on with your small minded hating, I'm sure you'll go far with that attitude.

You mean other countries are poorer than our country? WHAT?! Sir, you just blew my mind. You've changed my life. Thank you.

It's not my problem they live in a shit hole, that's their problem. You seem to think that just because there are worse people than me I would give a shit at all. Life isn't fair, get the fuck over it.
And about those people who can't figure out a download link. They are probably doomed if they can't figure out a download link because that implies they lack BASIC READING SKILLS. They deserved to be ridiculed because maybe that'll teach them to be less retarded the next time and LEARN TO FUCKING READ. How exactly does this make me entitled? Do you know what that means?
Seriously, I think you are just one of those idiots who can't figure out how to download when it is right there in your face. Stop pulling shitty examples to fuel your illogical arguments. If you feel so bad for other people maybe you should go ahead and help them. Don't assume other people want to do the same. There are somethings in the world called other people's problems.

Hello good sir!
I need some code for my project. Could you PLEASE send me source code for a business intelligence platform similar to Cognos and SAP. Must use SOA architecture!

My email is:
[email protected]

Thank you!

WTF is up with all these scrub indian devs asking for the code (other than their inability to read there an Engrish translation available?).

Get back to your call centers and stop trying to pass this good bit of code off as your own.

Could you PLEASE send me the source code for this in java and visual basic 6.0 :) it would be greatly appreciated. i dont even know where to being, i am stuck.

this is my email [email protected]
thanks and God Bless..
more power ;)

I am trying to make a database with SQL data file to manage disability employment and gain government funding. Please help with free source code. Must be willing to give ownership to me. Graham [email protected]

You send me source code in C++, C#, Java, Python, FORTRAN, flash, and Ruby in rails and I give you $40 million dollars from National Nigerian Official Not At All Fake Bank. Pleeeeseeee help me good sir.

[email protected]

[...] Payroll System | Free source code, tutorials and articles – view page – cached Payroll system Tweets about this link [...]

is exactly why I don't worry about my job being outsourced. Just saying..

ARE exactly why I don't worry about my job being outsourced. Just saying.



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