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A payroll system that supports multiple companies. The database is created for each company. This is not intended for large businesses. My client did not ask for more features so the basic functions are: employees information, password protection, create voucher, payroll summary, and an employee's list report. At least you will learn on how to create a simple payroll system using this source code.

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username: admin
password: admin

For the database password please read FAQ.

Here's a video demo of the VB.NET version:

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i just tryed and have got good progress dear plz i need the idea of adding items on combobox as just u did on Division combobox of employee on payroll system. plz give me some clue idea abt it.

I'm so sorry I forgot to reply on your message. The problem with the 2 combobox because it is using one data adapter. when one combobox change the value then the other will also change.
All you need is to create a separate data adapter for each combobox.

i am also developing payroll sys i see your source code it is very good but i need ur help plz send me ur database password here is my mail [email protected]

I saw your code and it's looks good...But i was wondering whether you can select a number of employees from the list view and pay them all by clicking the save button? Please this is urgent bbecause my boss wants this system by next week and am kinda new in language. am using visual studio 2005. thanks in advance.

how about decision support system???

What do you mean by decision support system? A program?

u made a very excellent .net program .........thanks for your help.......

i m using vb .net 2005 in that so many error came up what the fault and it's seem that ur payroll is great......please help....i think path might be wrong of the payroll program or what the problem is................102 error and 21 warnings coming up.....

You need VB.NET 2008 to open this program.

Hello do you have any application that uses DSS Architecture?

what kind of company is this?
and what type of project you want to add DSS?

Please help me. I want a project made in visual basic and backend as sql. Exams are nearby , please help me. This is the 1st time I am asking for help in internet.
Please dont let me down.

Hello again
I just have 2 assignments at school for visual basic and database
We are also having exams nearby and i dont know witch one to do first,

Is anyone available or willing to help me?
I am available to pay some money

Thank you
and am really really sorry for asking this

elow can you help me?

i would like to ask something about Faculty Loading System , do you have any idea 4 that, and i use

can any one tell me your idea for my problem thank

Do you mean scheduling system?

yes sir, , something like that do you have that , ,


my dean said, ,create a system that can see all the faculty loading

and if we enter the name or I.D of the faculty member we can see the time, subject and rooms, , ,

do you have that?

i hope you help me, , thnx

yes sir, ,

something like that, , and if i enter the faculty name or ID number, , the schedule , room , subject , ,and load appears in in the windows

thnx 4 the concern

help me how to code, and how to maintain the payroll system

sir!!,will you please help us for our first proposal system for our thesis..,d title of our system is Computerized Payroll System of our school..,so, we need some ideas how to make it good.we will use vb..,we need codes or program....thanks

Please download Payroll System using VB.NET. Study the source code.

yes sir,

something like that, , so if i enter the name or the id number of the faculty we can see the time schedule, subject, and the room,

thnx for the concern.

I need the database password and the database for the enrollment system.....

Hi is there any way i can get the codes without using VB?
I'm planning on using your codes directly in MS-ACCESS 2003 thus having a ms access project. I would have my database in sql server 2000

Sorry but I don't have ms access version.

This is very easy to do in ms access. Try it yourself.


alot of thanks for these payroll prj
i got error when running , error is
component 'CrystalDecisions.Shared' could not be found.
i am using 2005 can you help me to solve it still
iam begginer in



I'm using version 2008. May be this is the cause of your problem. Please upgrade your VB.NET version.

When I download yr payroll program & opened it in my vb 2008 express edition it registers a lot of error. can u tell me how to fix it. I want to ask yr service if u make some program pls let me know my cell is 09084431778 or my email at [email protected] Thanks, Noel

I don't use the express edition so may be this is the cause of the problem.

Give me your proposal if you need a customize system.

I appreciate much of yr ability in sharing yr knowledge in programming. I want to ask u if hv time to make my own program. Pls let me know my cell is 09084431778 or email me at [email protected] Thanks Noel

Thnx a lot for yr reply. I have made my own ship's program in VB6 but not yet completed. I want it to preview like displaying it in a Word format prior printing however I don't know how to code it. Also I am using MS Access as my database and I want also some refinements. With this, I need someone like u who can assist me like a tutorial one. Pls email me if u have time to do it since I am scheduled tentatively to leave by mid of this month. Thank you. Noel

thank you sir for taking time to reply. . .kuya can you make a vb6 program out of this payroll. . badly needed. . thank you so much^^

plz give me the source coad of Inventory System in

[email protected]

hi there! i hope i'll get a reply this time. i want to ask how to change the autonumber in vb 6? i used data recordset and the default number is "1". i used visual data manager instead of ms access because access is not compatible with the version of my program. i want to change the autonumber to "7000" and will increase to "7001" and so on. thank you in advance.

Create a temporary table like "Key Generator" and store the starting value that you like.

Increase it by 1 when you save a record to the table. Please look at the source code of hotel, billing and inventory system under the "getIndex" function.

hi i am using vb 2008 but it cant run what is the reson? It say the project was not found in your compute.Say somthing.

Did you open the file with .SLN extension?

u see im a new learner in computer prog.
for me its a little bit harder bt im trying my best
will u pls. help our final is quiet past approaching can u give me some tip wat s the easiest system prog, and pls. send me somfe tip on how to make a payroll sysstem....
hope u will be aware of it///
so long for your reply

im frustrated girl
,,,,thank you?/!

i download the source code, but i was not abele to run it. Actualy i'm working on vb 2008.plz tell me how to run it here is my mail [email protected]

please send me data base password in [email protected]

please send me data base password in [email protected] thks

please send me data base password in [email protected]

good eve sir, do you have a vb 6 converted program of this .net project ? ? ? thanks in advance^^

Sorry but I do not have VB 6 version of this program.

plzz send me a code of payrol system..

Can you instruct me on how to make an application a 30-day trial. I have tired various ways, but when I install the application runs the days are not reducing.

My email address: [email protected]

Use Installshield. But you have to buy another license to enable 30 days trial period. Please check from their website.

u can used the system registry for storing time and date of first run of the application then every time u run the application check the registry if theres already a date stored then the date is greater than or equal to the current date then sum up the days but when the date is less than current date u should prompt that the system date was change.


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