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A payroll system that supports multiple companies. The database is created for each company. This is not intended for large businesses. My client did not ask for more features so the basic functions are: employees information, password protection, create voucher, payroll summary, and an employee's list report. At least you will learn on how to create a simple payroll system using this source code.

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username: admin
password: admin

For the database password please read FAQ.

Here's a video demo of the VB.NET version:

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Hail you fuck. and it is "IS"

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WTF is up with all the idiots here asking for the "codes" for their "projects"? Are y'all so blind as to miss the download link right under "Download Code"? You could, you know, just download the archive, extract the source, rub two brain cells together and figure it out. Oh, and musn't forget the "pleeaaassseeeeeeeeee", which makes it all that much more sincere. ~_~

I have visual problems after an accident earlier in the year and find it difficult to see a tiny link in a page so long. I resemble that comment completely.

I need a System requirment specification on payroll System
may you help me please.................

this is my e-mail id :- [email protected]

can you e-mail to me the code of this program ?

tnx sir.

[email protected]

i hope you will do it

plz i need ur help here, i need source codes on payroll systems using E-edition in java

Hi..! This is sri.

i am developing a project in for the Basic Payroll System. But i don't know about basic terms like: 1.Whats the difference between finding a Gross & Net Salary? 2. What & how many Allowance are there? 3. What are the deductions are there?

Aleast, Give me the instructions about this basic information to this mail id: [email protected]
plz as soon as possible... thank u.

Hi Brother....Please Help me, if you want to help me please sent me Source Code Payroll with Microsof Visual Basic to [email protected], Thanks before.

sir i need a program for paybill in oledb concept using with gridview control plz send it to me ([email protected])

help us with the codes please, of payroll sytem using c++ and php
sende to my email addresse
[email protected]

hey help me pls.. can i get the source code plss... [email protected] plsss...

., plzssszszs send me the codes of payroll system ., using database ., send it at [email protected] ., thank you !!! ^_^

plssssssssssssss help me how to do codes for payrool systen in visual basic.
send me in my gmail account
[email protected]

Can u Please help me in making a payroll system using C# Programming?... Please include the complete code in making of it.Thank You....
Kindly email it to the following email address;;;;;

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

how to make a program of mrt fare matrix?tnx
please answer me now???

please give me a payroll program using ms sql 2000 and vb 6 please help me this is
my email address: [email protected]..

I dont know the concept of payroll system, can u give me some explanations wit source code..

This is ma email ID: [email protected]

Thanks in advance,

is there any one here who has a payroll system using ms access???
pls. do email me tanx..... [email protected]

hi to all i need
payroll description
input/output sample
and program structure .. huhu need please .. email me on [email protected]
thanks . waiting . . . .

can u help us to make project on vb(payroll managment system)

hi to all can you please help me, i need payroll system in my project in case study
using dis
- case study desciption
- program structure
- input/output sample
- then flowchart..
guyz pleae help me
email me if you hav
[email protected]

im using ms vb 2008 express edition, and all the crystal word are error. pls help me.

plz use an vb 6.0 or compatible in your computer right

please tell me how to use the payroll system... i unzip it.. but nothing happens... can u provide step by step tutorial on how to use.. send it on my email [email protected]

Could you PLEASE send me the source code for this in java? :) it would be greatly appreciated. i dont even know where to being, i am stuck.

[email protected]

plz.. help me.. plz send me source code of payroll system in my mail... honey_|[email protected]

there a crystal report error..

what should i do?? i cant run the payroll

this is my email..

[email protected]

send the system together with the requirement analysis and the source code my email is [email protected]

plz send me the employee payroll system layout
[email protected]

please send payroll using to my mail id [email protected]

please help me for my project...payroll system send to my email..
[email protected]

i need the source code of payroll system,,,, can you help me with this one? please....???

hi SIR, have a nice day,... i need your help sir, i need the source codes of payroll system using C# .....

Please send me a source code and the program in creating payroll system...

send it to my email,.... [email protected] thank you so much sir,.. God bless you...

Hi sir. can you give me the codes how to create ah payroll system. we need it very badly to pass the i.t subject. we are hoping that you can help us. thank you :)

here is my e-mail [email protected]

please help us

plz send me the codes of payroll system

[email protected]

i am looking for a simple payroll system using vb language.please help me its a weekly payroll system.

need your responce pls do care.
thank you!

Needed code of payroll system in vb can u send to my email [email protected]

Also tell me how to login

Thanks alots

i can help u in log in form in vb

plz send me the codes of payroll system

[email protected]

no more we need more program can compete in the market!!!

me too..i want source code of payroll system in [email protected]

pls send me the payroll code in vb for my project
to [email protected]

I have downloaded the file could you please help me on how to use it?
If there is any instruction on how to use it, please send me on [email protected]

hi! may you help me regarding my independent study in particular, 'vb 2008'..? the system should add edit delete search records.ex. 'record management' 'student information system or payroll system. only simple system will do.. hopfully you will help me regarding with this project.

pls send it to my email [email protected] asap because i will pass it by mon.
Thanks in advance..

need a code for payroll system...........please send to my account: [email protected]

help me please for my project...payroll system code...

ganun dn ung akin panu ng ba un.

please help, i need a code for payroll system using visual basic 2008.. please send it to me through email [email protected]

i need a source code and the program in creating payroll system...
i need it on next saturday... pls send it on my email : [email protected]


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