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A payroll system that supports multiple companies. The database is created for each company. This is not intended for large businesses. My client did not ask for more features so the basic functions are: employees information, password protection, create voucher, payroll summary, and an employee's list report. At least you will learn on how to create a simple payroll system using this source code.

Account information
username: admin
password: admin

For the database password please read FAQ.

Here's a video demo of the VB.NET version:

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hi sir can i get the code of you pyroll system

Helu Sir.

Sir can I have the simple code of this system using Sir pls.
Thanks a lot and God bless.

sir can i have the source code...tnx
[email protected]

password and username, Admin ,admin or jaypee , jaypee...

VB .Net code in Payroll but make the Data Base From access pls sir.

sir i need codes of payroll system in php can u plz help me? this is my eadd [email protected] i need uy response thanks in advance!!!!

Can you please email me a sample payroll system.

My email is [email protected]

hi sir can i get the code of pay roll system thank

please send me the code of payroll system... I'm waiting for the answer as soon as possible... 'coz tommorrow is our deadline please? Here's my email [email protected]

sir, i want payroll project in jsp with in netbean

[email protected]

please can you give me steps can using payroll system, my email is [email protected]

Sir, can you please send me a code of payroll me on how to create a payroll system in vb6.0 with backend ms access.please help
my id
[email protected]

i am harvey graduate of STI NOVALICHES just contact me w/ this no. 09098650163 and email address of [email protected]

my expertise are MIS and TPS system with vb 6.0, database of mysql,access, and sql server.,i do also have alot of ocx's which can be use to further enahcne your systems..just contact me whenever you are in need of programmer..

send me a paroll code in java its urgent

[email protected]

mr programmer can you make a program of payroll system using vb 6 with access for backend,,, and can i see the code,,,,,hoping for a positive reply.

Can u please send me payroll source code in c sharp language 2008 for my project . My email address is [email protected]


can u send me the project in the foll titles........

java as front end and sql as back end..........

1.payroll system management system
3.stock maintenance system

send it to [email protected]

can u send it on or before 17th march plzzzzz.........

i want to may 11-15 ,so please send me!!!!!

Can I have payroll system in Java.
My email is [email protected]

What is your email. Need help with Payroll programs

My Mail is [email protected]

My best Regards



MY EMAIL ID IS - [email protected]


plz send me payroll project source code in vb 06

zaffar hussain

can u pls send me source code in VB 6.0 for payroll system.

send me the vb6 code please...
my email id is [email protected]

plz can someone can give me project on payroll management in c# its urgent [email protected]

Hi, please send me payroll project in to iky)[email protected]

tnx a lot

plse give me a project of payroll mgt in java.......

Please someone send me the payroll project in java. its relly urgent ,
Mail me at [email protected]

please give me payroll system code using jdbc in java

hello there im a student and if its possible i need this program using ms access my email adress is [email protected]

Sir, can you please send me a code of payroll me on how to create a payroll system in vb6.0 with ms access.please help
my e-mail
[email protected]

SOS! How do we integrate the biometric system into our vb 6.0 payroll system? Plz help... ^_^

please contact me @ 09212279363

emond sabiniano
Project Contractor-Developer/Software Consultant

hi emond sabiniano how do you do i choose b/c you are it expert I'm computer science student in addiss ababa university ,i have an assignment to write simple c++ program that perform payroll system i can't do it ,it is driving me crazy please help me ! i want to get the program with explanation
[email protected]
please reply to me today I'm in deadline time

sir,.... please send me the source code for payroll software in vb6.0 within few days at my id [email protected]

can u help me in my thesis payroll system
can u gve me the code.tnx this is my email ad [email protected]

hai good day.. can i ask u something if u dnt mind? im angelly jean,i just want to ask for the system payroll using vb.cause my head is twirling thinking of it ..pls i need ur help if u dnt mind mail me ths is my mail [email protected] thsssss

Sir If u don't mind please send me a code of payroll system using vb6 i need it for my theses here is my email [email protected]


Could you please forword me the code ASAP.

Thanks in advanc.

[email protected]

plz give me the detail of payroll system

i like your payroll programme very much god bless you
have a nice time for future

wat is the password of the payroll system to open tnx help me plzzzz

p/z send screenshots and source code to my email id:
[email protected]
thank you

mee too sir.. can u pls help me in me in my thesis, payroll system also using visual basic 6.0 including the computation of how to get the BIR SSS and and other deductions of employee's salary.,. this is mg e-add [email protected] ur help will be a big help and will be appreciated..

i need a code for payroll system in VB.
i need it for my project course can you help me plz??

i need code for the payroll system

this is the question

create a program that would compute the salary of an employee in a month. it accepts only the number of days and the rate per day,,??? need ko lng po ng code if cnu pong may alm txt nyo lng po ako need ko po eto tom eh ...

[email protected]

thank you... if cnu po mksgot
marming slmat

sir pls help me in may thesis in tittled fuculty payroll system using barcode,tnx
i need a code sir...tnx

just email the code to me [email protected]

what programming language u r using?

your so sexy ... are you a model of a candle ?

just give me ur number i text it to u.


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