Hotel Reservation System

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Free Hotel Reservation System

This is a complete application for Hotel Management System. The source code contain advance programming specially in using SQL Language.
Beginners are advice to learn the manual before using the code. If you want me to continue developing this program please let me know by sending an email under "Contact" page. Please Specify what program you're referring to.
Basic features:

  1. Guest reservation
  2. Billing System
  3. Change room
  4. Multiple account per room
  5. Guest report
  6. Other charges

You are welcome to report any bugs found in this program.
Account information:
username: admin
password: a
For the database password please read FAQ.
Note: You must have crystal reports 8.5 in order to open all the reports. If you don't have crystal reports then download the installer below.
Download Hotel Management System v1.0 Installer here.
How to register an ocx file.
Here's the manual.
The VB.NET version of this program can be found here: Hotel Reservation System (VB.NET).
Although programs with free source code are good but sometimes you need a commercial software that will answer your company's need. It's impractical for your business to wait for other people to finish the features that you are looking for. This website is design solely for programmers who want to share common knowledge.

Note: Due to the size or complexity of this submission, the author has submitted it as a .zip file to shorten your download time. After downloading it, you will need a program like Winzip to decompress it.

Virus note: All files are scanned once-a-day by for viruses, but new viruses come out every day, so no prevention program can catch 100% of them.


1. Re-scan downloaded files using your personal virus checker before using it.
2. NEVER, EVER run compiled files (.exe's, .ocx's, .dll's etc.)--only run source code.


Great help. Thank you

Great help, thank you

send me on this gmail

plz, help me on how to create a simple hotel reservation system?

can i know the password of the database thanks

[email protected]

Please do comment on your codes,it makes us to understand what does what...we don't just download your projects for submitting to our lectures otherwise we wouldn't be helping ourselves

I do not have Oracle installed , I have SQL Server 2008 R2. How can I make use of this code in SWL DB system. What are the changes required in code and stored procedure?

please anyone give me the hotel reservation system projects in c#

Dear Sir,

I had installed the software but i am receiving error " Unrecognized Database Format - Error no. 214746725" while try to open the same.
Please help Email; [email protected]

i need in php open source software for hotel management system any one would help in this,it is useful to our business we are going to start
a new hotel for that its very useful to has to maintain that system

Is this project available in Windows forms,

hi im from philippines and as of now we are using your hotel system and can you pls send me the whole password and all about this hotel system to access all.. if we can pass this project taht we are trying to make this perfect our school will be using this and give reward for the one who made this hotel system thank you

sir...ahm good morning...
my instructor want me to do the Accounting System...but i cant make this system because i haven't idea about accounting...have will i do this sir?

Good day!
Thanks for your code, it really helps a lot. Here's one thing i need to ask, how can i change the design of your Hotel Management System version 1.0? and when i run your program, i tried the new reservation part, i did not see the "posting charges" part in which i am going to insert the payment of the customer. please help me.. thank you:)

i can't get the source code please help me, i am a bigger thank's

my email is [email protected]

I want to add data to a Combo Box from Ms Access File column call "Designation". How can i do it?

hello admin, i need your help you have Hotel Reservation with Billing System in php? i need that kind of can email me at [email protected]

Hello Sir Good Day..
I Want To ask If you have a Hotel Reservation System Using and Sql Server 2005..

Here is my Email @ [email protected]
I'm Waiting 4 your replay..Thanks and God Bless..

Hello Sir Good Day, Your source code is useful for my special project..I want to ask if you have a reservation system using and sql..Tnx god bless..

here is my [email protected] [email protected]

don't you have Bus Ticket Application System , i'm beginner . i got presentation to do based on the topic . but i wonder , how to do . have you get , example coding for my topic or others , that can help me to do ?

Hello everyone..anyone can help me making a system program using queue in C++ with an explanation also..i felt so hard already about this, and its my final exam for this semester..please kindly help me..thanks..

And please send to my email add sweetangel_nibeth for the codes and etc..

Thanks to you..

I find your HRS exe file helpful expecially in my project but the challenge is that the source code cannot my VB6 project. the error showing is ERROR number: -2147467259
Description:'F:\Website\\Hotel Management System\Data\data.mdb' is not a valid path. Make sure that the path is spelled correctly and that you are connected to the server on which the file resides.

how to make a system programming in java that have a log in and log out?
can you make it?

its my project for ND comp sci.
pls i need code to calculate CGPA of students in a polythenic. i have designed it and codded to an extent but am socked.
I want the code to calculate for carry over courses.

I am student i can develop program on vb but i cant make .exe of the same.can anybody suggest me about how to make .exe of visual basic.

I like this web pages

Hello Friends i m ashish garg if u want project on java core with full project report in online hotel managment system,

hotel managment system(desktop application),

hotel managment system in

and hospital managment system in java core

and automobile system(car)

or online exam in jsp

then contact me
[email protected]

i hv made hotel reservation project in c++ how i can change reservation and how how i can cancel reservation
my email id
[email protected]

i hv made hotel reservation project in c++ please tell me that how i can change the reservation

i hv made hotel reservation project in dev c++ so i hv problem that how i cancel hotel reservation

Hi Admin,

I'm new to programming and when I saw your prject I was very interested and would like to request if you could send me the source code so I can use it to learn more.. I admjire your project
My email is [email protected]


really awsm wrk .....i hands up i dnt no how to execute or run ....plz humbly askin , cn u sent me hw to execute or run thz system ...i mean introduction or manual step by step............plz im begging u ....

can i have system flowchart of hotel management system?

helo sir ......i wanna knw da passwrd access an can i get full source code for hotel reservation plzzzzzzzzzz

plz send me the er diagram of the vb6.0 neilhrms plz its urgent thanku for ur beautiful work:) send me the docs asap by today for sure!. Plz plz my mail id iz [email protected]

Hi good day! Your program is such a big help for us because we have a project which is to create a Hotel reservation and Hotel system.

I just wanna know what version you used for vb? is it visual 6.0?

good day sir! can you create for me a hotel reservations system? THANKS!

hi!!! ser please help me about the hotel reservations system....

can anyone send me the dbms project on hotel management with oracle as backend and visual basic as the frontend...
my id is [email protected]

can any one send me the dbms project for hotel management with visual basic as front end and oracle as back end...
my id is [email protected]

ONLINE hotel management system visual basic project .... so sir plz send me the source code of the project in core java(swing) at front- end in java.... my E-mail Id is- [email protected]

the projects not running when i start it first it displays "Errors during load. Refer to......" then when i play it, it displays" Compile error : cant find project or library" what should i do... plzzz reply

Hi what a great program
what kind of testing methods did you use ?

how would you apply a white box testing on this software??
please help

hi, I've downloaded Hotel Reservation System project, and when I tried to run it, suddenly there was a message like this:

What should I do?

You need to configure the path of the database. Or simply delete the config.txt.

Hi, I am Harsha Vardhan a college student. I don't know how to run this project to execute and how can I see the source code of this project. what are the software required for executing this project and plz send the links of the software. Plz tell me how to configure this project for clear execution. plz help me............. reply to [email protected]

this is more usefull in the reservation system in any services like reservation

hi thanks for all ur help.! i am student i have a project work
my project is on macro loan system pls if have in java neatbean /Jcreator source code pls send to me or any stand alone application project. done wz java laguage i used it as reference
tanxs. here is my email [email protected]

Anyone have an idea how this hotel booking system compares to other commercial hotel reservation systems, like or

hi sir
can you post the password for database in ms-access. i've downloaded the source code. and i'm trying to open the Data (MS-Access) to see and study how did you create a database. i hope i am not asking too much.
send the password here
[email protected]


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