Hotel Reservation System

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Free Hotel Reservation System

This is a complete application for Hotel Management System. The source code contain advance programming specially in using SQL Language.
Beginners are advice to learn the manual before using the code. If you want me to continue developing this program please let me know by sending an email under "Contact" page. Please Specify what program you're referring to.
Basic features:

  1. Guest reservation
  2. Billing System
  3. Change room
  4. Multiple account per room
  5. Guest report
  6. Other charges

You are welcome to report any bugs found in this program.
Account information:
username: admin
password: a
For the database password please read FAQ.
Note: You must have crystal reports 8.5 in order to open all the reports. If you don't have crystal reports then download the installer below.
Download Hotel Management System v1.0 Installer here.
How to register an ocx file.
Here's the manual.
The VB.NET version of this program can be found here: Hotel Reservation System (VB.NET).
Although programs with free source code are good but sometimes you need a commercial software that will answer your company's need. It's impractical for your business to wait for other people to finish the features that you are looking for. This website is design solely for programmers who want to share common knowledge.

Note: Due to the size or complexity of this submission, the author has submitted it as a .zip file to shorten your download time. After downloading it, you will need a program like Winzip to decompress it.

Virus note: All files are scanned once-a-day by for viruses, but new viruses come out every day, so no prevention program can catch 100% of them.


1. Re-scan downloaded files using your personal virus checker before using it.
2. NEVER, EVER run compiled files (.exe's, .ocx's, .dll's etc.)--only run source code.



I am a student and this is my thesis now.. any one have a documents or who finished his documents can you share or send me to my email [email protected] I will be waiting for your quick response. and i will give you a some donation about your documents you can contact me first so you will see or you can talk about that money.
any one who have a heart you can rep. thanks.

gud eve, can u please do me a online information and reservation system. its our thesis but i dont know what to do.. please.. tnx
more power!!!
god bless!!!

read your notes and books and give it a we have many unskilled people because of copying.

send me a database password.. for hotel management system
[email protected]

nice job.. it will help a lot in our project..
well i downloaded ur code..

mejo naguguluhan lng me sa pg log in.. kc bkit pde mkaccess khit hindi admin? pdeng baguhin khit hindi admin...
and for checkout pano yun? wer can i find it?

but try ko pg aralan..

ask ko lng poh! does anyone had use this software or code?
kc need namin for our project in "Intoduction" anyway its hard to make that kind of things!!

I need more info about this project..
pls.. help me..
Thanks! more Power to you and God bless you..


am a student in programming method.

i got an assignment to do but am able to do it.
i dont even know in wat language to this.

can you help me on please.

The assignment allows the candidate to demonstrate the ability to use various modelling methods and techniques
when developing computer programs.
This assignment is based on the analysis and design of a computerised system for a small hotel that rents out
holiday accommodation to tourists.
The Welcome Hotel in Bluepool-by-the-Sea is a holiday hotel that provides accommodation to holidaymakers. The
hotel has 15 rooms that can be rented for a minimum of one night and a maximum of 14 nights. There are four
types of room in the hotel:
• Family Rooms containing one double bed and two single beds (maximum 2 adults and two children). There are
four Family Rooms in the hotel.
• Double Rooms containing one double bed (maximum 2 adults). There are three Double Rooms in the hotel.
• Twin Rooms containing two single beds (maximum 2 people, children or adults). There are five Twin Rooms in
the hotel.
• Single Rooms containing one single bed (maximum one person, adult or child). There are three Single Rooms
in the hotel.
The hotel is open every day of the year and supplies accommodation on a Bed and Breakfast basis where the price
quoted is for the room plus breakfast on the following morning for all of the room’s occupants, regardless of
whether the room is fully occupied or not. The Welcome Hotel has the following tariffs for room hire:
Room Type 1 Night 3 Nights 7 Nights 14 Nights
Family 80 230 500 950
Double 55 160 350 675
Twin 60 170 370 710
Single 34 100 225 425
Customers who book more than one month in advance are expected to pay a deposit of 25% when the room is
booked. The remaining 75% is paid upon arrival. Two weeks before their arrival, customers are sent a
confirmation of their booking showing the room number, room type, number of nights booked, amount paid in
advance, outstanding amount to pay and their date of arrival. Customers who book a room less than one month in
advance are expected to pay the full cost when the room is booked. There are no refunds on payments made in
The hotel has been using a paper system to manage their room bookings but now want a computerised system to
carry out the same tasks. They believe a computerised system will simplify their system, remove errors and
simplify the accounting process. The new system will also easily enable the manager to review bookings and,
possibly, adjust room tariffs to take into account peaks and troughs in room bookings throughout the year. The
hotel may wish to develop the system in future years to have a web-based booking system to allow customers to
book and pay online.
Programming Methods NJ March 2010 Final © NCC Education 2010
Task 1 – 30 Marks
The hotel manager would like the following reports on a regular basis:
Report 1 A list of the number of days each room was booked for each month in the preceding 12 months.
(10 Marks)
Report 2 A list of all room bookings for any selected calendar month, on a day by day basis. (10 Marks)
Report 3 A list of monthly income received for room bookings over the last year, showing the total income
for each room in each month, the total income for each room for the year, and the total income for
all rooms together for the year. (10 Marks)
Using the JSP techniques and methodology analyse the requirements for all three reports. Produce diagrams for
each report showing the step-wise progression. Diagrams should include:
• logical data structure diagrams (DSDs) (3 Marks for each report)
• preliminary program structures (PSDs) (3 Marks for each report)
• the detailed program specification for each report (4 Marks for each report)
Task 2 – 15 Marks
Draw a flowchart for each of the three reports specified in Task 1 (5 Marks for each flowchart).
Task 3 – 15 Marks
a) Write a procedure that will check for customers who should be sent a booking confirmation. (5 Marks)
b) Write pseudocode for Report 1 described in Task 1. (5 Marks)
c) Write pseudocode for a reports main menu. Note: you are not expected to write pseudocode for the options,
only the code to navigate the menu is required. (5 Marks)
Task 4 – 5 Marks
Test the pseudocode written in Task 3b) by producing test plans, desks checks and dry runs.
Task 5 – 20 Marks
This task involves using the UML modelling technique.
a) Create a top-level class diagram (Domain analysis) for the hotel system. (3 Marks)
b) Carry out a top-level USE CASE analysis and produce a USE CASE diagram that shows the actors and any
stereotyped dependencies. (3 Marks)
c) Develop a USE CASE diagram for following scenarios:
• Adding a room booking to the database (3 Marks)
• Sending a booking confirmation to a customer (3 Marks)
• Printing a report (3 Marks)
d) Develop a SEQUENCE diagram for adding a room booking to the database. (5 Marks)
Task 6 – 15 Marks
In no more than 500 words, write a review of your work. Describe:
• any assumptions you have made (5 Marks)
• any changes you could introduce to improve your work (5 Marks)
• the methods used in tasks 1-5 that would be most suitable for an object-oriented programming language.
(5 Marks)

please please help me ...
send me the sources code.
[email protected]

please give me the source code

Greetings! I just want to ask why is it not working, the one that i've downloaded above.? I cannot open it in vb..there is an error msg. kindly help me pls.


Thanks for the hotel reservation booking template but the date base as for the password?

wondered if you could help please?

kind regards

want to develop a system but i do not know what topic i can choose for my project please help.

Can u please help me i really need this project if u can send me an email [email protected]
It would help a lot and i'll be thankful

When i open Report, it will ask user name and password. Would you help me what is the problem.

i also just want this project using C#,,can you please give me that??

can u please tell me hw to do the project??

Hello Sir?
I downloaded the hotel reservation system and have been using it to learn
varius coding style. resently i learn that the system can not load anymore
on my computer giving report about missing crwviewer and b8control.
How do i solve this?
Would you please help me some notes on how to use activex Control.
Thank you in advance

About Hotel Reservation can you please help me?
I am first year student taking up Information Technology..
I don't have enough knowledge and idea about making a system which is the hotel reservation, just simple program sir please help me I really need your help.I don't know what to do.I am hoping for your help sir.thank you in advance..just send a simple hotel reservation system to my [email protected]

halow may i ask how to change password in the data base?
reply to my email [email protected]

i found error in this line blow..

mdiMain.b8CW.LoadChildWindow mdiMain.hWnd, CFrm.hWnd, CFrm.Name, CFrm.Caption, R.Top, R.Left, R.Right, R.Bottom

b8CW has no LoadChildWindow method ??

Hello Interested to be an adviser or partner making a similar system related but for a dormitory. If you are not so busy hope we can talk about the details.

Contact me at [email protected] for the details.

Happy New Year!

Hi when i try to login to the reports it says Database Login Fail am unsure what is wrong i can get access to the database at the back end through access just not through the crystal reports i have 12. something (2008).

any help is appriciated.



i have problem regarding crytal report 8.5, how to get this one.? thanks in advance this is my email [email protected]

i think der is something error on your code,. pls redownload the file and test it. thanks in advance.

i need this hotel reservation using JAVA language,,pls help me.. it's for my thesis..thanks

i am not able to use code of that project on vb6.0 it will giv some compiler error , so please giv me solution,,,,,,,,,,,,,

sir we need help. we don't know how to create an employee information system (human resource information system) using visual basic 6.0. its report should see and count who are regular, resigned, retired or reliever employees. we are looking for programmers but we can't see anyone. our program will be presented next week and we don't have it yet. can someone please email me to this add if you can help me or you can recommend me someone or something that can help us.

[email protected]


Can you please help mme to my thesis? i proposed to do a grading system in our school. here my email, [email protected]

Dear sir

I need password to login in billing software.

Thanks in advance

Please read FAQ.

Hotel Reservation System was what im looking for... and it was great i found it here.
my dear bro admin, i used read your stuff they are very creative and very useful and thanks .
and but i need a little favor from you.

im using a datagridview in c sharp. i need fill the row when user enters a code number inside the same grid view row cell (which is the first column)specific to an record set.something like or more like search records through database.
hope you help me.
have a great day enjoy


I just edited the DB for report heading but the email and other phone numbers I can't seem to find them. How do I edit the reports and if with crystal - can i get a copy from this forum please.

Appreciate all this effort. Hope for greater rewards in the future. Thanks.

hi friend

When I have clicked on ocx file from FAQ it opens in browser but does not ask for downnload so please send me zip file in which please keep these ocx.

Please help me.


I tested to download the above files and seems it is working fine. Kindly double check.

can you convert or if you have a Hotel Reservation System in ASP.NET Coded in VB 2008?

>>hope you have

I don't currently have an ASP.NET version.

sir, i want this projrct in c#.can i get

Hi Sir,

We are a Computer Science1st year level student of Antipolo Gateways institute of Science and Technology
we need ur help,,,and pls give as a sample codings of Hotel Reservation,,,system
and can u give us a flowchart,,,,sample of this,,,
can u reply,,,,asap,,,,,i hope u reply,,,,


i need to build student grading system using java...the problem is i'm a beginner in this programming...can u show me the coding and i'll study on it until i understand...anyway, thanx so much sir...

good day sir.....i want to creat a libray i dont have microsoft 2005 or 1003, i only have 2007. and i also i hv visual stodio..and i dont knw hw to use really use to dream weaver and front page so what to do sir or ma

sir good evening
can you help making an interface of hotel reservation and billing system?plz hep me using visual basic 6.0
and plz sent it into my email
[email protected]
thank you

I can't do that since it's already done. Download it from the Popular block at the right side of this page.

SIR..i add a new form..but when i insert in ur system..the form not exactly stay in ur coloumn (at welcome space) and it become hang....i not sure how exactly to add new form in ur system..plese tech mee

All you need is to copy an existing form in order to copy all the code behind it. Just change the name of the form and call it to based on the name you created.

actually i dont need search and date just only wat quick launch...but i want add one side tab like quick launch..inside quick launch we can call the form..i try do that..but not succesful

In the form load event add a line before or after the code below:

  1. 'add quick launch items
  2. listQL.ListItems.Add , "reservation", "New Reservation", 1, 1
  3. listQL.ListItems.Add , "rooms_windows", "Rooms", 1, 1

Additionally you need to add another case statement under the "Private Sub listQL_DblClick()" event.

Code sample:

  1. Private Sub listQL_DblClick()
  3. Dim selItem As ListItem
  5. On Error GoTo RAE
  7. Set selItem = listQL.SelectedItem
  9. Select Case selItem.Key
  10. Case "reservation" 'Manage Reservation"
  11. If allowOpen("frmReservation", CurrUser.USER_NAME) = False Then
  12. MsgBox "You're not allowed to open this form." & vbCrLf & vbCrLf & _
  13. "Please ask permission from your administrator.", vbInformation
  15. Exit Sub
  16. End If
  18. With frmReservation
  19. .Shortcut = True
  21. .Show vbModal
  22. End With
  23. Case "rooms_windows" 'Manage Rooms"
  24. If allowOpen("frmRoomsWindow", CurrUser.USER_NAME) = False Then
  25. MsgBox "You're not allowed to open this form." & vbCrLf & vbCrLf & _
  26. "Please ask permission from your administrator.", vbInformation
  28. Exit Sub
  29. End If
  31. LoadForm frmRoomsWindow

i needed hotal reservation using if u r provided it much done lots for me........

Please can you help me to write a project on HOTEL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM by using visual basic program.

thanks.. my id is [email protected], i will be waiting for your quick response.

Please study the code here.

sir,,i add the b8sidetab at mdimain..but i when i click at this just static and dont roll down the file i insert inside.. actually i insert the file in sidetab

Is the default sidetab working properly before you add your own sidetab?


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