A Very Important Tool A Computer Programmer Must Have

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We are now facing the age of the internet. Everyone who wants to ride on this must do something to maximize your profit.
If you want your name to stand out in the crowd, then follow these simple steps:
1. Build your own website.

Building a website today is very cheap. It will only cost you around $7.95/month for webhosting and $9.95/year for a domain name. Some webhosting company cost only $6.95/month, but I do not recommend them because after a year when they saw the increase of traffic on your website they will offer you again a higher plan.
For the best webhosting choose Hostgator.com. They have a good review and I highly recommend them.
If you need help to setup your website, send me an email at the Contact page.

2. Sign-up for PayPal account.

The purpose of this article is to drive you in making money online as a freelancer. So, most of the companies like RentACoder and Elance are using PayPal to send money to their coder. You can also use PayPal to send payments online. Example, if you want to hire a coder in RentACoder.com for subcontracting then you will most likely need a PayPal account.
It is very easy to setup and all you need is a credit card.

3. A Book(s).

This is very important if you are starting to become a programmer. Although you can search for tutorial in the internet but because of so much information and it is sometimes misleading in your part, you need a guide which will teach you from beginning. Below are my recommended books:
Visual Basic.NET
Beginning VB 2008 Databases: From Novice to Professional (Beginning: from Novice to Professional)Visual Basic 6.0
Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Professional Step by Step, Second Edition (Step By Step (Redmond, Wash.).)PHP
Beginning PHP and MySQL: From Novice to Professional, Third EditionJAVA
Head First Java, 2nd Edition
If you want to recommend a book please give a comment below and I will include it here.

4. A Video Tutorial.

If you find it difficult to study programming without visual aid then I suggest you visit this article:
Learn Visual Studio the Easiest Way using Video Tutorial.

5. A Code Snippet.

Code snippet is a procedure or function which you can use in your program to perform certain action.
This code snippet is for visual basic 6.0 only.
Code Snippet
You can also search the internet for other languages. If you have one please comment below and I will include it here.

This article will be effective only if you follow the steps provided here.



I need simple project for asset mgmt using visual studio2010.

Field name,

no.of CPU
barcode scanner

plz help me send source code with DB.

mail [email protected]

hi i need to have a source code of my case study about vba:

this is my problem..
the system should be generate the ff:
employee name:
employee code:
salary level:
salary rate:
employee code:
AC- accounting
HR-human resources
SM-sales & Marketing
Salary level:
Hours rate:
Hrs rate=employee rate/8
Holiday rate:
hrs. rate(holiday rate)=(empoyee rate/level/8)*1.1
Overtime rate:
overtime rate /hour(basic salary rate/8)*1.2
Net Pay:
Npay= hrs rate +hrs rate (holidays)+overtime rate /hour

AS u have uploaded the coding for online polling is asking password details about the database.
so i request u to send the copmlete coding in VB to my mail id [email protected]
with regards,
N.Lakshmi Narayanan

Hi, i need a help regarding my project.
I want someone will make me even a simple
reservation program using JAVA GUI. I have
already made my own program on reservation
but it is DOS-based, i want to convert it
into GUI using Java still. But it will take
a long time for me to study GUI. JAVA GUI is
my most hated programming language. But
it is required to use. I suppose to use
another language but java is being imposed.

i will pay you compensation if you will help me.
just choose, you will make your own reservation
system using JAVA GUI or you will simply
convert my newly-made DOS-based program into
JAVA Gui. Rate of compensation is different.

Take Note: Topic of Reservation System should be
related to heaps, or somewhat similar to first-in, first-priority.

Please reach me:
mobile: 09081110689
email: [email protected]


we are preparing a thesis this year, and in our group we have decided to do an automation of the enrollment system for the high school... can you give me an example of that system??... i need to have a background information about it because as of now we do not know yet where to start????.... help plzzzzzz.. if you have some e-mail me @ [email protected]

Hi all,

As Mr.Admin Said that a computer programmer should have its own website... i had made one i.e "WWW.SIMPLYRAJAN.CO.CC" ...

Plz check it out... and comment via email at [email protected] or [email protected]

Thanx in Advance.

Rajan Arora....

Mr. Admin
could you help me on source code for hotel information and billing system?
i need it in my project..
i dont know about time checking...
really need your help..

Have you already downloaded the hotel source code here?

gud day sir, can you create a e-commerce website using asp.net?

I am the owner of website www.hjcode.com

You can download it within 4 Days

[email protected]

Sorry I can't.

can you please help me? ... we have a project and we will do a rental system can you do some examples how you do it tnx...

hi.. we have a project in software engineering using vb.net entitled payroll system.Were trying to open your code but we did'nt open it. plss will u make a simple prototype of payroll system?.. thanks in advance

What's your problem opening the project file?

good day sir^_^
i aqm newly in java,,

and my prof, ask me to do a program

i dont know wer to start because I am noob in java
can you do me a favor plese help me to make this one
her is the output Sir, but i dont know we to start;
can you make this..please" then i will going to review the code nalang^_^.. thanks poh..

Enter number of quizes:
\\then the number og quizes will display


quizes 1:_____\\input number
quizes 2:_____\\input number
quizes 3:_____\\input number
quizes average is:__________

Enter attendance:______\\
laboratory exircise:____\\

prelim exam:________

prelim grade is:_______
General wrtten average is:___
i hope you can help me Sir,, i need the Code very urgent^_^ her's my email add" [email protected] "

thank you so much and more power

nice articles


Good day sir..

i just want to ask if you could give me a topic for our thesis..we have to use visual basic and we have to make an automated or computerized system..any idea?

Any sample code for client-server application in VB.Net 2008 express edition? Just the basic. I have 2 pcs (peer to peer) and I just wanted to create client-server application, something exchanging data, something like msaccess split database? or file-server?
Let say, I have one PC and 1 Laptop, then i would like to access datas(database) from PC, then how can we materialised the situation? They are connected thru peer to peer connection, sharing information, I've already removed the firewall, and i want to use vb.net 2008 express edition in order to create client-server program, how about your examples? like Inventory?, Hotel Reservation? Payroll System? Enrollment System? etc etc. Is this client-server application? can we deploy this in client server environment??? or Csn we deploy this in peer to peer environment???
Best regards, Jhun Cabas

keep your database in sharing and write the code in vb
for accessing database when it does'nt found any database
take it from your sharing computer
if you don't get it mail me on [email protected]

At first, I like to say that your post is valuable to me. But I am not clear why you suggest to read vb 6 after vb 2008 is recommended to be read. Is it necessary to read vb6 at the time of vb2005 and 2008 released? It makes a beginner like me confused. Hope you can explain.

[email protected]

The information above is provided only for both side. If you are a hard core VB6 programmer who don't like the .NET version then you can use the info above. But if you are eager to learn the new version then leave VB6.
But I recommend starting with the .NET version if you are a beginner.

hello your db.mdb enna database I opend if want data base i will give with out password

hmm.... i wonder if it is considered also a tool for a programmer behind your picture? hehehe!

Anyway do u have any idea on how XAML works in vb.net? also what is the control used for networking like the winsock in old vb6 in vb.net.

I download ur internet cafe billing program , and nice piece of software. :) i do have a suggestion on the time monitoring .... why dont u used GetTickCount function for accurate time monitoring instead of timer control.

I am planning to build my own cafe system to used in my future business someday in vb.net 2008 using the MYSQL so i hope u could share some snippet of yours... and most of all share the tools behind ur pic.... heheheh! ( I wonder who is that lady in white....)

Actually that picture was taken from the beach. :)
May be you mean XML? XML works like a database. Except it is use only for small storage like configuration.
Winsock is no longer supported VB.NET. Socket related functions can be accessed under System.Net.Sockets.
Please read the MSDN for better understanding.
For the GetTickCount function I don't think It can help. I don't use that. If you can substitute it with timer control please don't hesitate to modify my program.
As of now I don't have code snippet for Cafe Billing System. I do have however a hot babes like at the back of my picture. hehehe

how to get rid of rounding off in SQL SERVER ? i do have a stored procedure that calculate the series of numbers this numbers are in type of float.

15491.3 = 2700+288.95+6134.25+6368.05

the expected result would be 15491.25 but the result display of SQL SERVER is 15491.3. Which is wrong specially dealing in accounting.

Do you know why and how to get rid of it?

By d way i really mean XAML it is actually in XML format but what i mean is that how it used in vb.net. Actually i thought that this feature of .net can easily modify the common control found in .net. i dnt know if my assumption is correct.

i would like to thank you very much for the source codes you are posting.
but i want to say now is just there is no any project, wich is developed with C# ,posted yet.

so please add any project done with C# if you can.
and help me the database design (the tables design) in my project on University Registrar System by using C#.

thanks in advance!

It's very easy to translate the code to c# but I do not have time to do the same work with two version.
As of the meantime I'll stick with VB.NET version.

sir i m having ur hotel management project i need password for database

i need a project on .net...and there is a problem i am working on vb.net ..and i want to show my sql database 2005 in crystal report ..so tell me hw can i do...or send me a code to my id....[email protected]..................

this is murugan. i need  webdesign project source coding  and backend processing software source coding.if u would like to help me,please send a souce coding to my mail id ....vmurugan00@gmail.com......

I have a lot of vb.net source code here that will teach you on how to create a report using crystal reports from sql server. One is enrollment system. Search the site for enrollment system.
By the way, I'm using VB.NET 2008 for this program.

do you have a sales summary for your pos?

Please visit the reports menu. Every report is there.

Sorry but I don't know of any link for this kind of application.

Thanks for sharing applications. Great work really!
Can you share some application that tracks software costs and license renewal costs. Or if you know some link which is close to doing something like this.
Thanks, UDAY

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