Simple Charity Website Management System (CMS) in PHP Free Source Code

Introduction This is a PHP Project that I created entitle Simple Charity Website Management System. This project is a sort of CMS (Content Management System) for a charity or foundation. The source code will help you understand how does a CMS website works and build using PHP Language. The source code itself is nice to start with for those who are planning to develop a website like this. It is

PayPal Express Client-Side Checkout in PHP

This tutorial tackles on how to integrate Paypal Express Checkout using Client-Side API. Most E-commerce sites' payment method is with the use of credit card but if you want to integrate another payment method which is using Paypal, this tutorial will surely help you out. Paypal, as per the site description, is the faster, safer way to send money, make an online payment, receive money or set up a merchant account.

e-Commerce Site using PHP/PDO, PHPMailer, ReCaptcha, and PayPal with Source Code

This is a simple e-commerce site system created using PHP with PDO as DB driver. The user/visitor can add products to his/her cart but unable to check out if not logged into the site/system. If the user is not logged into the system and adds a new product into the cart, these products will be added to the user's cart upon login.

PayPal Denies Reward for Teenager After Finding Vulnerabilities

Robert Kruger, a 17-year-old German student discovered some vulnerabilities in PayPal and contends that the company has denied him a reward for finding vulnerability in its website. According to a news report from PCWorld, Kruger notified PayPal of the vulnerability on May 19, but because he was still under the age of 18 he was not eligible for the program. The PayPal bug bounty program based upon

C# Shopping cart with Paypal integration developed in Visual Studio 2005

PaypalCart v1.0 Developed using c# PaypalCart is fully designed using WebUserControls which makes it simple as dragging and dropping the shopping cart WebUserControls to any web site templates that has been converted to in Microsoft Visual Studio. All frontend WebUserControls are fully customizable using style sheets.

A Very Important Tool A Computer Programmer Must Have

We are now facing the age of the internet. Everyone who wants to ride on this must do something to maximize your profit. If you want your name to stand out in the crowd, then follow these simple steps: 1. Build your own website. Building a website today is very cheap. It will only cost you around $7.95/month for webhosting and $9.95/year for a domain name. Some webhosting company cost only $6.95