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In this program you will know on how to create a complete online ordering system with online payment using PayPal.The system also you will learn on how to validate forms using javascript and how to embed Google map. Hope this code will help you.

database name:mammamar_marias
admin password:simplyblob
admin username:admin

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bakit po hindi nag aadd yung price?

hi, very good project, but i got some problem, ple chk
(update.php on line 13 ), and salesreport.php on line 82, thk

Hi,the system is owesome i have looked at it but after some times the total,grand total and the size are not displayed. i don't understand is it a technique to limit its use over time? or may i have tampered with the code...please email me

sir, can u teach me how to connect the database with this program? I managed to run the program, when once i click on the product, it will show blank page and some word "Could not select database".

you should go to localhost/phpmyadmin
and import .sql file.

Sir, can you teach me how to actually run this system. Because I can't run this system as I've already download it. Thanks

Sir, can email me how to use this system. Do I need to create my own datebase in order to link with this system to use it? reply me please, thanks.

it sir what did you on the local host as a server

Sir, why is it the size,price and the selection are not displaying.???I really really need the codes for it....Pls. reply..

Could not connect to the database
How to fix this

Plss share the edited

Pice , grand total are not working properly,,,and admin panel product can not be added ,,so please help me , how to solve this problem,,,please

yung login page po ng admin di ko po mabukas... panu po buksan.. trinay ko na yung admin and simplyblob...

Sir, why is it the size,price and the selection are not displaying in admin panel ???I really really need the codes for it....Pls. reply.

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