Easy Paypal Integration Using PHP

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Easy as 1-2-3 Steps on how to integrate the Paypal API,the sourcecode has commented instructions on how to use it.
You can throw a question regarding the program.
zip password: paypal123

For more source code please visit Web Syntax


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sir pwede po mag ask, pano nila ginagawa ung credit card transaction. for example nag purchase ka online so ang payment would be CC.. pano makukuha ng seller ung pera sa may ari ng cc?

through paypal, and from paypal to any money transfer companies here in the philippines. Cheers!

I want to add discount field as well or you say 'coupon'. how am I ?

does your code running on localhost?

paypal is best tested online..

Can you add for this example the SQL databse dump:)

I'm looking for real-time existing Paypal code for money transfer in my SITE.

So can any of them GUIDE me ? or Help me to work on it .

Warm regards

im a student of ur school

thanks yar i use ur code.really nice it's working.

its not opening give me password on my email id [email protected]

I can not find zip file, where to download it

where can get sql file?


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