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How to Show IP Address On Your Local Computer

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This video tutorial will teach you on how to show IP Address on your local computer using Visual Basic 2008. The video will walk you through on how to add a Label, TextBox, and Winsock control on windows forms. It then add a line of code in code editor window to display the result in a TextBox control.

Visual Basic Video Tutorial

While I was browsing a video from YouTube I switch my browsers tab to search for free video tutorial for Visual Basic. The search results are tremendous. It has 7,440,000 results for visual basic video tutorial. Luckily the number one on the list is Visual Basic How Do I Video Series which come from Microsoft’s website. I followed the link and found a lot of video tutorials and best of all it has

Learn Visual Studio the Easiest Way using Video Tutorial

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A Very Important Tool A Computer Programmer Must Have

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