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While I was browsing a video from YouTube I switch my browsers tab to search for free video tutorial for Visual Basic. The search results are tremendous. It has 7,440,000 results for visual basic video tutorial.

Luckily the number one on the list is Visual Basic How Do I Video Series which come from Microsoft’s website.

I followed the link and found a lot of video tutorials and best of all it has a different format like iPod, 3GP, MPEG-4 and even for PSP.

Source code is also included so you don’t need to create project on your own. The video and audio quality is also good. Hmmm… Because it’s Microsoft of course.

This is very useful especially for beginners. Beginners often ask newbie’s question so this is a must have resources for people who want to become a programmer.

If you cannot find the tutorial that you’d like in those free videos you may wish to take a look at This website has a lot of tutorial. But some are not free.


I have 2 listview in one form

the first lvw for view master file
the second lvw for view detail master

the problem how can view detail master in second lvw when i click item on master file in first lvw

please send to [email protected]

Viva sourcecodester

pls send me video tutoria for vb .

[email protected]

nid a simple number converter in visual basic binary to hexa to decimal hope you can help me asp. heres my email add [email protected]

i am new in vb prog..,i hop you can help me make it.."
i want to know create a help file..its either Notepad,HTML, or anything that can create help file.."
i hop u can help...tnx.." 


give me your email and i will provide u a samples..

emond sabiniano
Project Contractor-Developer/Software Consultant

can u give me a sample for a tutorials??

this is my e-mail add [email protected]



thanks all members .

[email protected] send me video tutorial for vb

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