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A payroll system that supports multiple companies. The database is created for each company. This is not intended for large businesses. My client did not ask for more features so the basic functions are: employees information, password protection, create voucher, payroll summary, and an employee's list report. At least you will learn on how to create a simple payroll system using this source code.

Account information
username: admin
password: admin

For the database password please read FAQ.

Here's a video demo of the VB.NET version:

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Please send the password of database on this address [email protected]

Dear, can i have the codes? It will be a great help me.
[email protected]
Thank you

Dear ,
why the source code I downloaded is different from the demo video ?
can i ask for it? send my email [email protected]

Thank you

hello bro, hope u are doing good. i download and install vb 2017. please can you tell me how can i open it.. i mean from where i should start ??
is it okay with vb 2017?? .

Sir can this system run in VB 10?
I am studying vb10. And I find this program very interesting.

Thanks sir I really like to know . :)

I want source code for this project..its great to have..Thanks in advance

hello sir, I'm a freshman IT student and this coming thursday we'll having our presentation for finals and my topic is payroll system in java using inheritance, I actually don't know how to start my program codes . I'm scared to fail my course in java .. Can you help me sir ??

sir what is the password of the database.thank you
can you send to my [email protected]

sir can i have the codes? It will be a great help for my thesis
[email protected]

pls help me for my thesis..payroll system..ineed the codes..and design,,thnx,,

i have a problem: payroll manager.exe is missing. pls help me sir.

good day how to make a payroll system. please help me this is my project. What is the thing first to do. thank you

pwede po b gumawa ng payroll system using PHP?

pls help me to make payroll system in VBA using Excel... PLS send in E-mail [email protected]
Many thanks

hi sir can i ask if whats the code in button ADD nd UPDATE ? using me plz ..

hi gud pm sir can i ask you whats the codes in button add and update? tnx :)

am just introduce to programming please how will i become agreat programmer and the proceedure step

i am using this code: to Add items for access form A and form B = it works(with VB.NET).
Using conn As New OleDbConnection("Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=|DataDirectory|\mydata.mdb;")
Dim command As New OleDbCommand("insert into PersonalAccount (AccountCode, Amount) values (@txtAC, @txtAmt)", conn)
With command.Parameters
.AddWithValue("@txtAC", txtAC.Text)
.AddWithValue("@txtAmt", txtAmt.Text)
But my problem is:
How to deduct (form A amount) after i entering data to (form B amt)
FORM A - FORM B = FORM A New amt balance. Please ...Thank you so much... [email protected]


Hi admin,
I had downloaded the Payroll system that you developed. It's very cute and working perfectly. When I looked at the form designer,

I got DsPayroll, cnPayroll and the 2 dataadapters (daEmployees and daDivision).

I have trying to figure out how you created them but failed. With your effort sir, can you send me the procedures on how you created that? My email: [email protected] or [email protected].

This is a nice payroll system. I want to find something interesting here:

How did you create the following;
1. DsPayroll Dataset
2. cnPayroll
3. DaEmployees
4. DaDivision

Can you sir be able to send me these steps. It's new things to me. [email protected] or [email protected]

Well done on your payroll code. I noticed the voucher report and payroll summary report is not displaying any report. Is it possible to correct that. Please if its corrected send to my email [email protected]



I am using crystal report it works fine on my pc but i try to install my simple application to my other pc but theres an error occurs.. it doesn t work when try to hit for the report...anyone can help..please... thank you....


I came across the payroll system here and would like to know how did you design it? what are steps to re-create it for learning purposes?

morning po pls help me how to run d payroll?

HI sir I badly needed a Program of payroll System.
can you please send it to me.
I beg you....

hi it was nice job and i want to see tht cuz im a student and its my project about payroll system,
so plz give me some information about payroll system.
contect me: [email protected]

I am a Student. i want change the access db to sql i want to see db structure in access db. so can you send me access password to my [email protected]

Thank you

Msdatabase Asking for PassWord...cannot Open Database Plzz..Give the password So i can modify the Database file..

sir, i need source code of payroll system,can u help me?

Good Day Sir! Where is the crystal report of this system.. The system didn't run in v.b. 2005. What shoulD I do?

Hi everyone! I'm currently doing research about my thesis on a very usual payroll sysytem with biometrics device. I planning to use vb6. The only thing I want understand is how to import file from notepad to vb6 and what are things to consider in maintanance of this system.. Anyone can help me out? thanks

Hi there, you still want to code in vb6? hmm, could you try to migrate to .Net perhaps?... about your question on how to import files created using notepad, it should have first a file extension of .vb, or, you could copy paste the code in the Code view of the form. Maintenance would be your last step in the development cycle, and to maintain a program either remotely or physically, you should put in mind an update feature. so you could just send the update in a server or website, then let your program check for updates everytime it opens.


Can you please send me an installer of [email protected]

if you dont mind can you pls help me in my project in school about in payroll system can you give me plssss...tnx sir

Where do I find the design of this project ????


pls i av visual studio express edition 2008, but ur project is nt openning on it rather it brings several errors what can i do? [email protected]. thanks

Do not use express edition.

sir what is the password of your database?

I want to learn fox pro.. any school i can attend near novaliches and with night classes? help me please..

can you give the source code for payroll management system in C# required it urgently....plzzz send on this mail id [email protected]

what the password of database in payroll system i need it ..
please send me the password of database here is my mail [email protected] thanks

nice one

Hi, Can you please help we have a project in school, I need a payroll system. Please Please Please. Please do reply me, if you can help me about my project. -Thanks.

good day. i download your payroll and i cant run it.

the error is. microsoft.jet.oledb.4.0. provider is not registered on the local machine. im using visual studio 2008.

sir cud u make me a program of payroll system here at philippines here is my email [email protected]

its ok

sir will these programs will work on vb2010? cause i don't have any versions i only have 2010.

help me to create a payroll system codes

pls i try openning your payroll and hotel program, but it brings a lot of errors whenever i try openning it. am using visual studio 2008. my email is [email protected]. thanks

Hye .. shiv here .. i just download ur payroll software..actually i am using vb 2008 a week ago and i dont know how to operate before i used vb 2005 ?and what is the password of ur payroll software database? [email protected] is my mail so plz mail me if u have some time.iam also going to make a payroll software thats why i need some help from u n within the month i have to submit n iam very confuse so plz help me.Thanx.


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